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Factual Friday

Posted Feb 01 2013 4:47pm

Obligatory opening post for today… HAPPY Friday!

One rather glorious aspect of my schedule this semester is that I have Fridays off so heck yes to a 3-day weekend for the next several months! Because of this, this morning involved sleeping in until 10:15 ish (after falling asleep the night before at 11:00), lazying around for the next few hours and then going off to an interview! Going to tell you about that in just a bit :)

First though, thank you to those who took the time to read zee ole blog from Wednesday and add your own opinions on the whole over-eating/continuing to eat after meals business. For some reason, it was hard for me to articulate what I have been feeling and doing, but many of you understood and could both sympathize and empathize. When I read each of your comments, I noticed that many of us feel VERY uncomfortable for the 20-30 minutes following a meal and then our minds settle. I am taking that knowledge and preparing myself for the next meal (dinner in this case) and go into it accepting the discomfort I will inevitably feel. I plan to have a nice and hearty dinner to make sure that I am in fact having enough food, because yes, there are times we simply need more! We shall see how it goes later and finding distractions right after will be helpful as well.

Now it’s time for me to bellow some facts out at you, Factual Friday after all! I sometimes title this type of information and style of a post “Friday Favorites” as many of other bloggers do, but this week’s various topics go along better with FACTS. Plus I love using bullet points/numbers for posts once in awhile, less pressure on myself to make it come together in a coherent, semi-intelligent sounding way ;)

Fact #1- So I am well aware that we are now in the month of February and Christmas was over a month ago. However, there is one bit from it I forgot to tell you all about and felt compelled to share now :) This year because of the newest addition to our family, Caleb the cat, we had to be a bit creative with the whole decorating the Christmas tree business. First off, there was no tree as Caleb most certainly would have climbed on/around/into it and probably knocked it over. There goes the ornaments as well- they never ever would have survived and we would have made it his main mission in life to destroy and break all that he could.


SOOO because we wanted to still be in the spirit of the season and bust out of holiday decorations, MA came up with a clever idea!




White lights around the perimeter of the room and our ornaments proudly scattered around them= problem solved! What a clever lady she is :) I will mention that Caleb did in fact try and leap for some of these but alas, much too high for that bad boy!

Fact #2- Speaking of that bratty little kitten, I just love him to pieces and it’s a good thing too because when he wants to play err destroy something, he will make it his mission too. Take my bathroom for instance, look at what his current favorite activity to do with toilet paper is….


The little darling. But then he does adorable things like chill out in the dryer when I am taking my clothes out of there, and I find myself rolling my eyes and loving the little devil even more!


It’s a good thing for his sake that he steals my heart ;)

Fact #3- Wallowing in self-pity is not an option this weekend. Remember on Wednesday when I said I had an exam yesterday? Well yes indeed I did and NOPE I didn’t do well on it. Yes I passed but starting out the semester this way is a pretty awesome way to make me feel like some serious crap. The worst part about it is that I studied… studied a whole lot over the course of a week or so, making sure to review the information each day to have it stay fresh in my mind. The amount of work I put into this particular exam does not reflect my effort nor knowledge level, and this is disheartening to say the least.

It would be so different if I didn’t make as much effort as I could… then of course eff me, it would be my own fault!

I have ranted and raved about this so many times now but just once more here. These exam questions are so vastly different than I have ever come across before- always multiple choice with answers that are all CORRECT but you must choose the MOST correct one. Seems simple enough but apparently not for me and it seems that critical thinking, which is necessary with these, is a major weak area in my thinking skills. Like I said I did pass, but the idea of barely scraping by AGAIN this semester is just too exhausting to even consider.


Back to the wallowing in self-pity bit. I did a whole lot of that yesterday following the exam- brooded, cried, swore some, and jsut generally was in a pissed off mood. Today has been a new day and while initially I woke up in a foul mood, I have slowly taken myself out of that dark place. I have to keep working HARD on this, there is no other option and I think what will help me more than anything is to practice, practice, practice and practice some more, the type of questions that are on the exams. I know the material, now it’s a matter of figuring out exactly what I need to do in order to prevail over these tricky tests.

Fact #4- Today I received a delightful package from Chobani full of two of their newest flavors, the Pear and Banana !



The company was also nice enough to send the yogurt with an “official yogurt” eating spoon haha. Love it. So far the Pear flavor has been tested and both me and the mother give two thumbs up!

Fact #5- I have mentioned how I am currently participating in the Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp Round 4 and yes, I continue to be glad I made the choice to sign up again! Anyway, on Tuesday it was a cardio and core work day and because I was feeling good, I decided to amp up the core work and finish at home with a random YouTube video. Again, I was feeling fine and dandy at the time and it was not until the next day that I felt the effort.

Picture 2

It honestly was if I “broke my abdomen” muscles, no other way to describe it! Yes a good pain (I love a good sore feeling, especially in the core!) but this was in ridiculous territory. I went to hole punch some papers that day and the act of pushing the machine down propelled shooting pains down my front. Heh. Plus I really was not exerting myself too hard… apparently I have some more core work to do.

Fact #6- After the test yesterday when I was feeling murderous, one of the ways I de-stressed besides catching up on the Bachelor later that night (these crazy-ass ladies, seriously?!) I stopped at the local WF to aimlessly wander around, look at food, buy stuff I don’t need, etc. Speaking of buying stuff I do not need, I stumbled upon this gem while browsing the nut butter area and just “needed” to buy it.


Just Great Stuff peanut flour. (I was not paid/contacted for this, just letting you know! :) )

I’m not emphasizing the less fat business, but more the CHOCOLATE peanut butter aspect and how chocolatey this particular kind was! I have tasted the PB2 version of this and while I do like it, the chocolate flavor of this brand was a whole lot stronger and resembled frosting more than anything. Yum. Very acceptable to eat on it’s own if you ask me :)

Fact #7- So far this semester I have actually been doing well overall with the goals I came up with a few weeks ago. One in particular I wanted to focus on is the whole working out later in the day decision…. what a GREAT one that has been! I am no longer passing out during class and with the more substantial breakfast I am (finally) eating again, I do feel I have more energy in the morning, a time when I need it most. My classes are all early and when I am half-asleep during them, it’s safe to say nathin is being absorbed in the ole noggin.

I will admit that there are days that this is easier to handle than others, as the main reason I chose to workout before classes last semester was to ease my anxiety around the lack of activity all morning. The anxiety and stress is there but then my logical brain allows me to consider the benefits I am receiving, the main one being around the fact that I have the ability to pay attention to material that is essential for me to know. Also working out later in the day has made me look forward to it, rather than dreading getting up before the light of day appears. Never ever would I have thought I would be saying such things.

Fact #9- I just started this book and the story has officially sucked me in and I am only about 80 pages in.

6690798 An epic and gripping tale of catastrophe and survival, The Passage is the story of Amy—abandoned by her mother at the age of six, pursued and then imprisoned by the shadowy figures behind a government experiment of apocalyptic proportions.

If you have read and enjoyed The Stand by Steven King, I am sure you would like this too… well that’s what the reviews and other readers have said and I can tell the voice and feeling of this book is going in that direction.

Fact #8- This afternoon I had an interview at a local school near me, 4th-8th grade for the position of an intern school nurse… and I got it!! Starting in a few weeks, I will be shadowing the school nurse there, coming up with projects, activities and discussions for their enrichment program, and basically seeing the ongoings of this particular nursing position. I am PSYCHED for this opportunity plus it’s right in my town, yay for convenience! I am looking forward to sharing how this goes once it gets going :) There is more to this position but I am not entirely clear on the details yet, so more coming later!

Alright that is all I have for today, and speaking of the gym, I am going to get my butt over there and so some kind of strength workout, courtesy of BBB! Thank you for your time here my friends.

-When find yourself wallowing in self-pity or just generally feeling bad for yourself, what are some methods you do to pull yourself out of the mindset? I allowed myself to have this go on for a while, but then I tried my best to re-frame and once again dedicate myself to the work that must be done… and the effort it will take.

-What is your current book of choice? After The Passage I may read the second in the series or go with another Kate Morton book, I am obsessed with that author!

-Have you made any recent changes that actually benefit you, though cause anxiety/stress in the short-term? I am talking about the working out later thing here, but it has helped me already in this short time.

-Have you tried any of the new Chobani flavors? The Pear or Banana or any of the Bite and Flip cup ones too!

-What are your plans for the weekend? Share any and all!

I hope the rest of your Friday is a lovely one and the weekend too as well :)

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