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Facebook Quote Junkie? It’s Time To Live The Quotes NOT Just Read Them!

Posted Sep 17 2012 6:50am

Ok beautiful you.

‘Fess up.  (And I will too.)

Are you a bit of a personal development ‘junkie?’  Love all those quotes that are on high rotation on Facebook?  Scramble to check in with your favourite blogs and websites for those fabulous tip posts that show you the way to happiness, better relationships and more self-love?  Buy ebooks and online courses that are filled to the brim with beautiful advice that could make your life better, better, bestest?  Have an overflowing bookshelf of inspiring titles?

If you’re anything like me – you do – and of course you live every one of those quotes, put into action all the tips, implement everything you’re taught in a course and have read cover to cover every book you own.



Ok.  Maybe, if you’re anything like me, not so much!

Well my fellow self-development fiend – it’s ok.  We’re busy and scheduled and in demand, and even though we may desperately want to action tip 57 of 100 in a best life guide or carve out the time to do one amazing thing for ourselves as per the latest glossy book we’re reading – every day – sometimes life just gets in the way.

But I’ve … Read the rest

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