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Face wash dilemma.

Posted Nov 09 2010 5:34pm

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Let’s talk beauty. Specifically beauty products for the face.

For the past 6 or 7 years, I have used Proactiv Solution religiously! Day and night. It has always kept my acne-prone skin in great condition. Which, of course, is why I stuck to the regimen.


However, for the past few months my skin has been breaking out like crazy! And the Proactiv just hasn’t helped one bit. In fact, it’s probably worsened the problem!

I can only assume that my skin somehow got used to the product and so it stopped working it’s magic. On the other hand, maybe my skin is just maturing and it’s time to change it up.

Either way, it’s a bummer!

I have nothing but good words for Proactiv, but unfortunately it’s just not cutting it anymore.

Insert: research on all types of face wash!

I have been looking for a natural face wash devoid of harsh chemicals (like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide) and holy cow is it overwhelming!

I finally just went into Sephora today, which really only served to make my decision more difficult!

There are SO many products that promise they’ll clear your acne and give you flawless skin. But, everyone’s skin is different. So how do I find what works for me?

Well, samples of course! Thank you Sephora !

Seeing that I couldn’t choose, the beauty consultant offered to give me a few samples from a line of my choice. That way I could try it out for a week or so and then decide whether I wanted to buy the full-size bottles.

If by chance I didn’t like the product, then I could get samples of something else! Sounds pretty great, right? Smile

My first choice? Boscia.

You don't want preservatives in your food, so why would you want them in your skincare? Boscia knows that chemical preservatives in skincare can cause a variety of skin irritations from eczema to blemishes to rashes—and wants to make sure your skin isn't a victim. Boscia is one of the world's first preservative-free, botanically-based skincare lines. This revolutionary Japanese brand creates some of the most innovative anti-aging and skin-purifying products—free of chemicals and full of the finest botanicals. Preserve your skin with their preservative-free assortment and boost your glow forever.


Sounds good to me! Only time will tell!


Products I scored:

  1. Boscia Clear Complexion Cleanser
  2. Boscia Clear Complexion Tonic
  3. Boscia Clear Complexion Mask

Have you used Boscia products? If so, what did you think?

Any other face wash recommendations for acne-prone skin?

Somehow I ended up at Panera after finishing up at Sephora. How’d that happen? Winking smile

The usual: You pick 2--Black Bean Soup + Fuji Apple Salad (minus chicken) + Whole Wheat Baguette


The unusual: Pumpkin shortbread cookies (!!) + M & M Cookie to share

DSC05022 DSC05014

Well I’m off to write a paper and squeeze in a work-out!

Have a great night guys!

<3 Stefanie

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