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Face the fear!

Posted Feb 04 2010 12:00am

Yesterday I mentioned that a news from a friend shocked me and pissed me off (about myself). I’m happily to say that I overcame it! How? Basically, talk to people, be with people and be open minded! I won’t go into details about what happened. But what I think it worths sharing is that if you keep making stories in your head and be alone, you’ll never get out from the vicious cycle! Instead, be brave, face your fear (in my case to meet with my friend), talk to them, express your feelings and LISTEN to others with heart, be in their shoes and all the crowd in your head will clear out. I did that, I met with my friend and we talked for almost 3 hours. I was enlightened by the end and felt that our friendship is even stronger. :D What a great feeling!!! :lol:

Other news:

bad: sleep is bad… (3-4AM is a normal day, 5AM is a good day).

good: I met with my advisor and finally my dissertation structure is defined. ;) The next two months will be intense!

Yesterday I opened a new bag of tea: Choco-Menthe


I still have a lot left from my tea purchase in SF with Maggie


After meeting my friend and advisor, I came home, happy and wanted comfort food! Which was a stir-fry of veggies & tofu. Heather and Maggie would agree with me ;)


my favorite seasoning:


and steamed kabocha to make it even more comforting! ;)


Movie: Nothing but the truth


black & white rice porridge





and did some baking for breakfast :)


Q1: What’s your favorite news magazine? I’m deciding on subscribe in one.

Q2: What’s your favorite flax meal recipe? I have two bags and run out of ideas.

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