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EYWIP Week 6: Let’s talk about dairy.

Posted Feb 09 2014 9:51am


Here we are starting the first week with no grains and no dairy. I hope the past few posts with dairy alternatives have helped. Has it been as hard as you anticipated to reduce your grain and dairy consumption? Have you noticed any changes in the way you feel, sleep, or your mood? Last year, when I was in dairy denial, I made an amazing ice cream cake for my son’s birthday.  I used my kitchen Aid ice cream attachment and made him a vanilla and mint chocolate chip ice cream. It came out so good that I had to share the recipeIMG_8698 I ate a small piece the day of his party, and proceeded to eat the leftovers twice more that week. Even though I took Lactaid pills I still didn’t feel great after eating it, but thought the bloated belly was a small price to pay. What I never expected to happen was that I would get a very large pimple on my chin as a result. Now you may not associate a pimple with dairy, but I knew that was the cause. I’ve had clear skin my whole life, even as a teenager. I have done enough reading to know that the elimination of dairy results in clear skin in many.

My whole point in telling you this story is that I was a dairy consumer my entire life before adopting a paleo lifestyle. It wasn’t until I removed dairy, let my gut heal itself, and then reintroduce it, that I realized that I am actually intolerant to it. Right now the most I can handle is a few tablespoons of organic grass-fed heavy whipping cream in my


morning coffee. I’ll go back and forth between that and my coconut milk coffee creamer .

Try to not view these 15 weeks as what foods you aren’t having. Focus on the foods you can have. You CAN have dairy-free cheese, coconut milk, almond milk, etc. This is an experiment and you can always go back to these foods in a few months if you decided you are not better off without them.

Here are some links that you may find interesting: this site has tons of FAQ’s, product reviews, recipes, grocery guide, special diets like gluten-free & dairy free, etc.

In my Italian Sausage Kale Soupfitmomsfullplates-kalesoup not only do I give you a super easy to make and yummy recipe that uses kale (a super food) but I also get into a good amount of detail as to why the calcium found in dairy isn’t as amazing as you would think. I describe how I had to have the “calcium conversation” with a neighbor that almost fell over when she heard that my kids don’t drink milk (the horror!).

Here is the milk I buy from Trader Joe’s and it’s about $3 a half-gallon.

This is the only cheese that I can eat that doesn’t make me sick. Some cheese is only lactose free, and those make me bloated. I buy this at Wegman’s for about $5 a bag. It’s not the most amazing tasting cheese alone, but mixed in with some scrambled eggs and bacon and it’s delicious!

I usually make my own yogurt with coconut milk, but if I were to buy it, I buy Cultured Coconut Milk from Trader Joe’s. They are about $1.50 each which deters me from making it a weekly purchase more than the fact that there is too much sugar and some ingredients I don’t like. My daughter loves them though…

What non-dairy foods have you introduced this week? Tell us in the comments!

Yours in health,


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