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EYWIP WEEK 14: Fruit infused flavored water recipes

Posted Apr 06 2014 8:21am

Two weeks left! How are you feeling? What do you think of the slow approach to changing your diet? If you missed my older posts on why alcohol is not helping you towards meeting your goals you can check them out here and here. 

So there is not much new to report for this week. We need to further cut down on alcohol consumption to really just once a week. I don’t care if you have your one day on the weekend or during the week, as long as it’s just one day.

So what can you have in place of alcohol? I did a quick search on Pinterest for flavored water and found a ton! Not only can you flavor the water with a variety of different fruit to make it look just like sangria, but you can even make cute fruit flavored ice cubes to put in your water. Get creative and see what you like. I have been drinking a lot of  herbal tea lately. I am finishing up 2 weeks of my coffee vacation. It’s a little test I am doing to see if the random bloating that I’ve been experiencing will go away. And considering I’m going to Miami Beach in a few weeks to visit my brother, a bloated belly and a bathing suit is not my idea of a good time.  I only really drink plain water when I am exercising. I can drink some during the school day, but really it’s not enough. When I switch it up to tea or Nuun I drink a lot more. If I add fresh fruit to my water I notice I drink a lot more. Even just a squeeze of lemon is all it takes.

Source: theyummylife

Click here for a bunch of recipes to flavor water and ice cubes from Pinterest. I found a great post by Monica from The Yummy Life on how to flavor water using fruit and herbs. She did a fabulous job of showing us how beautiful and delicious flavored water can be. And considering this picture of her flavored water has been pinnined over a million times, a lot of other people think so too. It certainly is making me want to serve these at my next party. My kids would love these!

I hope you have a great week. If you have been following my EYWIP plan I would love to hear from you with any feedback. You could leave it as a comment here or use the contact form at the top of the blog. I value your opinions and your feedback is always welcome.

Yours in health,


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