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Eye on the Prize

Posted Dec 19 2011 12:00am

Happy Monday, everyone.

4 days of work and I’m outtie and off to the land of… um… well… I’ll be in Missouri.

But friends and family are involved. So it’s sure to be fun-filled.

Eye on the prize.

Time is bound to fly because of the amount of things to be done. There are a few errands to run. Clothes to pack. Things to bake. And drinks to drink.

To be able to enjoy that last part about the drinkity drinks, I have to be responsible and conquer the other three first. Sigh… the joys of being a semi-adult…

Again- eye on the prize.

As you can imagine, yesterday was one of focus and determination.

Mostly to finish Christmas shopping. Partially to keep myself from physically hurting anyone while doing so.

All I ask is that you watch where you’re going. Otherwise, you’re just another safety hazard on Michigan Avenue. And we’ve already got enough of those with construction, street performers, and ridiculous taxi drivers who are *this close* to taking us all out at a crosswalk.

Anyway, it seems to be I’m pretty much done. Oooohhhhh preeeeeetty…. This is maybe the third time our Christmas tree has been plugged in this year.

Do you really expect anything else from two frugal girls?

Didn’t think so.

After the day out, I took it upon myself to cook dinner for the household last night.

The roomie, Bailey, had made some seriously amazing buffalo chicken the night before . So I decided to switch it up with an acorn squash picked up the day before on a whim. The roomie was cringing as she watched me slice the squash open.

Truth be told, I was, too. Knives scare the crap out of me. Maybe another reason I don’t cook often…

Last year I roasted one of these bad boys up and it was easily one of my favorite new things I tried in the kitchen last year. This year, I didn’t have the wild rice, but figured there was surely something to be done with what I had. Mushrooms and onions. A staple in my house.

After a few google searches, this cornbread stuffed acorn squash looked like something I could handle. Since my preferred method in the kitchen is baking, so when it comes to cooking, it HAS to be simple. Otherwise, I get bored or throw a fit.

Yes. Much like a child.

Anyway, I threw together some mini cornbread muffins as the squash was in the beginning of the roasting process.

Then crumble six of the mini muffins up and added oregano, red chili flakes, parsley flakes, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Clearly, in the recipe I looked at, you could go a little further. But, like I said. I’m a cooking novice and that includes a lack of seasoning. My roommate didn’t mind. Neither did I. Because after the squash was stuffed and roasted a bit longer, the seasoning I DID use made it a fantastic Sunday dinner. Next time I’d possibly use parmesan cheese. But that’s not unusual news. Cheese goes well with most things. A nice glass of wine would have also been a good pairing. Especially after a long day.

However, because of the week ahead of me, I’m making that glass o’ vino a reward for getting to the end. So I reluctantly passed on that idea. Sigh…

Eye on the prize, Amy… eye on the prize…

PS- YOU can still have YOUR eye on the prize if you hurry! I’m picking a winner for the White Castle Giveaway later tonight, so if you haven’t signed up yet, go do it now!

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