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Eye Candy

Posted Nov 18 2010 12:00am

Good Morning!

This will probably be short because I’ve been busy “reading up” on Ryan Reynolds and his election to Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine.

About time, People. Where was this nomination after Van Wilder?  I would have already given it to him back then…


Speaking of candy (he he he), one of the guys I work with brought in leftover Halloween candy his kids hadn’t gotten through yet.  Two plastic bags of it.  What?

First off, thank you. 

Secondly, where do you live so that I may trick or treat there next year??

It’s easy to assume that I spent the morning slowly transitioning the candy from the break room to my desk. The chocolate now resides next to green tea and packet of cream of wheat in my snack drawer.  That negates some of the calories, yes?

It’s funny that if this happened at home, I would be in serious trouble.  Or at least my stomach would be, because I have a habit of sneaking it until it’s gone.  Yes, I sneak it even though I live by myself.  The sugar content makes me revert to child-like behavior.  But when at work, I kind of forget it’s there.  There’s no real logic to that.  You’d think that I’d mindlessly snack more because of boredom. It’s a freak accident for sure. 

Hopefully my supply will last.  But between  Jaime being preggers and my love of chocolate?

Let’s be honest- it doesn’t stand a chance.

Oh and I officially signed up for my last race (that’s what I say now) of the year: I’ve decided to make it my last race of the season for a few reasons:

1. I need to save money for holiday spending.

2. I need to save money in general. 

3. Since I’m clearly not the biggest fan of running in the freezing cold, it seems logical to not pay to run in it.

“But Amy- why would you do a turkey trot that’s not on Thanksgiving?”

Well, my dear reader, let me tell you.

I go out on Thanksgiving Eve.  No matter where I spend Thanksgiving, it seems to happen.  A tradition, if you will.  Just like watching the Thanksgiving Day parade in the comfort of my own home with a cup of coffee and makeup from the night before.

Who am I to break tradition?

Any good random traditions you have for Thanksgiving that others may find interesting?

While you figure out your favorite tradition, I’m going to go back to my Ryan Reynolds research…

Happy Thursday!

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