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Extra Motivation Hump Day

Posted Jan 30 2013 7:38am

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel more motivated than ever?  Like you could take on anything that came your way?  That is exactly how I felt this morning.  I actually woke up itching to go to the gym, like the actual gym to lift weights and build muscle (as opposed to just running).  I haven’t had any kind of motivation to do so since my ITBS issue last year.

Sunrise over Key West- It felt fitting for my mood this morning

Sunrise over Key West- It felt fitting for my mood this morning

I took full advantage of this feeling and did a killer workout.  I worked my arms, shoulders, legs, glutes, abs.  It was amazing and I’m looking forward to that sore muscle feeling you get after an intense workout.  After I was done I was still itching for more so I hopped on the treadmill.  After two minutes I remembered how much I hated the treadmill and hopped off. ;)

New Brooks Sneakers

Being that we are in the middle of a heat wave, I knew I wouldn’t freeze if I went outside for a run (Considering I was dressed in capris and a t-shirt), so that’s exactly what I did!  I went for a short, but wonderful 2 mile run.

 Amazing start to my Wednesday!  Happy Hump Day Everyone!

How are you feeling today?  

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