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Exercise Spin-Off's & PB Cups

Posted May 20 2010 12:00am
Happy Thursday! One more day til' the weekend...yey!!!

Today I went with my cousin to pick out the bridesmaids dresses...I am very satisfied with her (almost) decision...think she is about 98% on the dress I tried...think it will be flattering on everyone (empire wait, sweetheart top, chiffon material with a satin strap under the bust). Wedding is in 7 months so we had to get a move on!!!

I kicked my own arse in the gym was leg day. Wanted to go on the stair-master (not the stepper), but it was occupied so I EFX'd it for 30 minutes of intervals.

Then I did
3 sets of 12:
Leg lifts on the flat bench (I am bad with measurements but I'll estimate it's about a 12 inch step?)
superset that w/ 
In & Outs (30)  &

Alternate leg lift push-up's w/  burpee (8-10 times)

1 set of 8
One Legged Squat 
1 set of 20 Planks w/ alternate toe tap

3 sets of Bosu Squats (15)

Split lunges with rear leg raise (12)
Dips in bech with legs on balance ball (20)

3 sets of
Kickbacks (10)
Toe Raises (20)

Then I stretched my jell-o legs

So, as a trainer...I am always trying to come up with ways to make my clients workouts more fun and interesting. I COULD make a client stand on one leg, do an overhead press, come down into a 1 leg squat and up into a toe raise, jumping on a trampoline with a dictionary on their head. If I wanted. However, would this be for my own amusement...or for their benefit?
As you see above, I often  add some instability into my legged this, upside down bosu that...I have been working out since I was 13..and I do still do basic movements. To keep MY body guessing, I will throw a curve ball and switch up once of the "basic" movements every now and then.

You don't need to get too, too fancy with your fact, as I have explained in a previous post
about exercising for optimal results ; exercise is both a science and an art form --but that doesn't mean you have to look like someone at the Mad Hatter's tea party to make it art.

When I start a new client...I have to make sure that I give them a great workout to keep them coming back; but at the same time I face the challenge of giving that "great" workout when we have some actual "work" to do in the beginning regards to posture, function and a foundation for understanding exercise. Before we add any instability into movements, before we start jumping into a balancing act, you need to master the basic movements that work each muscle group.
^ I am not this pale anymore, FYI

Lunges & Squats
Press & Fly
Pulldown & Row
Raise & Press
Extension & Pressdown

Each program needs the following: STRENGTH TRAINING; CARDIO; FLEXIBILITY; REST
When exercising, your body goes into the following modes: SHOCK, ADAPTION, STALENESS.

Keep doing the same routine over and get stale..and you do not get results. This is why I often recommend you adding different types of exercise (yoga, pilates, different modes of cardio) into your weekly routine...i.e. CROSS TRAINING .

For strength training, there are UNLIMITED possibilities of what you can do with the basic movements above (for each muscle group).

Just by changing  your posture (seated, standing, lying on flat bench, seated on a ball, kneeling), or your tools (bands, dumbbells, machines, cables,  barbells, kettle-bells)your grip (close together, wide, reverse); you are changing the exercise enough to keep your muscles from going into "stale" mode, and you from getting bored!

Remember, master the basic movements FIRST--then start switching them up when it's time to "spice" things up!

 Yesterday, inspired by fellow blogger, "runner Anne ," and lack of inspiration from within...I posted " Wordless Wednesday "...which is odd for me because I always have SO much to say ;-)

I posted all the tasty treats I enjoyed yesterday...yummm....thanks for the comments BTW!

I enjoyed a late afternoon snack of red pepper hummus and some celery sticks (and cucumber not shown):

for dinner we had salad with cucumbers and I made hemp oil & balsamic dressing

and Lentil soup with these revisions:
Added Parsley while I "sweat" the onions
and I added fennel seeds to the stock--SO GOOD!

Dessert was the GENIUS re-creation by Averie of my all-time favorite candy ~EVER...

For me, in the past, making a dessert "healthier" meant making it "sugar-free" "fat-free" "low calorie" etc. Now, my basic rule is, if I am going to have a dessert, or a treat, I want the real thing...but if I can make it more "nutritious" or more of a "real food"--that makes it healthier! No chemicals, all natural, better chocolate, less ingredients, vegan, natural sugars, I will move on the the most "eye" catching photo from " Wordless Wednesday "

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups....Mmmm Mmmm Mmmmm:

I didn't have enough patience to let them sit in the fridge long enough so my PB is ooozing out.... Averie's look time I will try to get them a little neater..they were delish, though! Only 3 ingredients!!!

I only had mini cupcake it made about 9 little teeny mini ones...but the recipe should make 2 regular sized (in regular cupcake cups)

High Raw Vegan PB Cup treats.

First, I melted 2 squares of semi-sweet Baker's Chocolate (which is vegan and more nutritious dark choc) in the micro in two or three rounds of 15 second  intervals, stirring like a nut once it was a little melted to melt the rest in without heating--( Averie has her recommendations on how to keep it raw using coconut oil on her site)

Then I mixed 2TBS Crazy Richard's All Natural PB with 1/2 tsp Nutritional yeast:

 Then, I layered the bottom of the cups with some chocolate, and did PB on top of that:

then another layer of choc-o-laut:

I stuck them in the freezer for 4 minutes, then the fridge for as long as I could stand (that "special" time must be on it's way again).

And Viola:

Michael and I thorougly enjoyed splitting the batch...even though he always tells me how he "prefers" milk choc over dark...and I always "try to get one by him" with making it a little bit better for him.

Best Part =Only 3 ingredients....genius, Averie !

Check out  Reese's Peanut Butter Cup's Ingredient List:

Milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, chocolate, nonfat milk, milk fat, corn syrup solids, soy lecithin, TBHQ), peanuts, sugar, dextrose, cocoa butter, chocolate, nonfat milk, milk fat & contains 2% or less of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm kernel and palm oil), salt, wheat flour, cornstarch, vegetable oils (cocoa butter, palm, palm kernel, shea, sunflower and/or safflower oil), whey, TBHQ, soy lecithin, leavening (sodium bicarbonate & sodium aluminium phosphate), vanillin. 


^uhm, yeah, too long for my liking...and....partially hydrogenated oils, no thanks.

Averie's High-Raw Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups 
Ingredient List:

Semi-Sweet Baker's Chocolate (chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla extract), All-Natural Peanut Butter (peanuts), Nutritional Yeast

all ingredients that I know,, I feel a little better about having a this little treat with my sweet ;-)

If you have made your favorite dessert, comfort food, or treat "healthier" or "Less-guilty" than the original I would LOVE to hear how!! Or, if you COULD make any treat into something "healthier" and haven't been able to try, or do not know how, I am always up for a bring it on--I'll add it to my list of things to create!

Have a great night!!


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