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Exercise, Diet & Life Tips, Do New Fitness Tips Exist, What Are Your Tips?

Posted Sep 19 2010 11:28am
Hi Friends!  How has your weekend been?  Anything exciting happen?  Hopefully you've gotten in some R & R and time with your loved ones!  We all need more of that!

A couple days ago I received my latest issue of Women's Health magazine
It's interesting that month after month, magazine publishers give us tips on how to tone and firm our butt, legs, and stomach.  Haven't we all read all the "tips" already?  Is anything new ever mentioned?

From my last post on Barefoot Running and whether or not you'd do it, many of you said you'd like to try those Vibram Five Finger socks but that you would not be into running barefoot on city streets.  Good!  I cringe when I see it but about once a week, I do!  

As for parallel parking , I can't believe how many of you said you never parallel park, cannot parallel park, or are truly awful at it.  Hey, at least you're honest!  

I parallel park almost daily.  The only times I truly suck at it are usually when I have an audience and a crowd watching me.  Nothing like a little performance anxiety.  Or when there's a 7 Series on one side of me and an S Class behind me.  Cool as a cucumber, breathe, don't hit anything, is what I am saying in my head!

Dessert: Raw Vegan Caramels and Nut Butter Filled Caramel Bites  
These look a lot harder than they really are.  3 ingredients and 5 minutes to make!

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1. Best thing you did or ate over the weekend?
I got in two nice long walks with Scott while Skylar zoned out in the jogging stroller.  It's been great just talking and catching up with Scott!  We work opposite schedules and many times are ships passing in the night but weekend days are special because we get to catch up with each other.

2. Are there any New Fitness Tips or Not?  As I mentioned above, month after month, magazine publishers give us tips on how to tone and firm our butt, legs, and stomach.  Or what to eat to "have more energy".  Haven't we all read all the "tips" already?  Is anything new ever mentioned?

I think that of course there are always things to learn, like April posted her tips for doing pull-ups yesterday and Naomi frequently publishes her fitness tips and ideas like her latest about staying hydrated and drinking enough water.  But by and large, I don't usually find anything "earth-shattering" or totally new anymore.  I've been reading women's magazines, fitness and yoga magazines, and books on these types of subjects since I was in junior high!  Nothing seems too "new" to me anymore.

Not to mention:
One size fits all tips usually don't work; there are always exceptions and everyone is different


If it was really just a matter of doing xyz leg exercise to eliminate cellulite or achieve the perfect bubble butt wouldn't all women be doing it already, like a matter of common sense and habit?  Which further supports that whatever "tip" is being pushed, that it's not necessarily going to lead you to the promised land.  We all have to find what works for us!

3. Do you have any Fitness Tips, or Dietary/Lifestyle Tips, that you live by that you love and think are great?  Sort of Life's Mottos type tips?

A few of my Tips and things I do...

Eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full.

I don't care what time of day it is when I eat.  I eat late, I'm not a breakfast or morning eater in general. My stomach doesn't tell time by the clock on the wall, so I don't pay attention to what the clock says.  If it's "mealtime" and I'm not hungry, I don't eat.  If it's 3am, far past that "no eating after 7pm" rule (which I don't pay attention to either), and I am hungry, I eat then.  I pay attention to my inner cues, not external cues, about when to eat. 

Drink plenty of water.

I lift heavy.   See this post: Lift Heavy Weights: Strength Training Myths, Fears, Facts

I get new shoes after 400 miles to prevent injuries.  500 miles tops.  Sounds like a lot of miles and it would take "forever" to log that many miles, but it can happen fast.  My legs, knees, feet start getting little aches and pains as the 400 mile mark approaches, almost like clockwork.

I wash my hair as little as possible .  Twice a week, 3 times, max.  It keeps it healthier and doesn't get dried out.  Air dry whenever possible, too.

Keep the fridge stocked with fresh produce, and have it cleaned and cut up, ready to go, if applicable.  It's easier to enjoy fresh pineapple chunks if they're cleaned and ready to go and stocked and in the house of course, and to pass on the non-perishable carbs with very little nutritional value, i.e. chips and crackers.

Here were my Grocery Shopping Tips & Budget Tips. This was a really popular post that everyone seemed to like a lot.  I hope you check it out.

There are exceptions to this, but Everything in Moderation is an approach that works, pretty well for me.  No smoking crack in moderation and no stealing in moderation, but you get the point.

I don't "defend" or explain my choices or myself to others anymore; nor do I try to "save" the world or save others from their lifestyle/food choices.

I have been doing and teaching yoga for 10+ years.  I don't do it just for the physical benefits, but for everything else such as mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits.   See Yoga: FAQs About Yoga

Those are some of my Tips and things I do that work for me.  What do you do?  What things do you swear by and live by?
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