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Excuses Will Not Help You

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:04am

I am guilty of being an excuse-maker. I hate that I am sometimes. I’m not a fan of excuses. They don’t get me anywhere. They won’t help you either.

For some strange reason, we always find something or someone other than ourselves to blame for our health failures. Guess what? Sometimes we are to blame.

When it comes to healthy eating and getting regular exercise, there are excuses all over the place.

You are not out-of-shape, unhealthy, overweight, or obese because of genetics. It’s also not because of a lack of time to exercise, and it’s not because of a lack of knowledge on how to get healthier. It’s because you choose not to be healthy.

That may be blunt, but for most people, that is the truth. You can choose your lifestyle. You can choose how much you eat and how much you exercise. You can choose how much you care about your health. You can eat the donut, or choose a better option. You can wake up earlier to exercise, or you can sleep in. The choice is yours.

There’s no need for excuses. If you fall short, start over and keep trying.

The power to choose is a great thing and, ultimately, we choose how healthy we want to become. Lot’s of simple, better choices can take your health to great highs. Choose wisely.

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