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Excuses, Excuses!!

Posted Aug 26 2012 1:59pm
Mixing laziness and a long hiatus of not exercising since the pregnancy and there is an ultimate amount of discouragement. It's so amazing how someone can say they want something so badly, yet when it comes down to doing it, they stop- analyze what they are doing and then never step forward to do it.

That is me. I get aggravated with my home life, money issues, and dysfunctional conversations and want to take my aggression out on something. There is a burning feeling inside of me that wants to pound the pavement before I pound someone's face in!! So my thought of heading down to the park a few blocks away escaped me as soon as I was able to make up the perfect excuse.

Excuse #1My son is home taking a nap and needs me.

Reason to bust this excuseTo do what? Watch him sleep? His Dad is home today, and he can sit and feed him, change him, or entertain him while I get out.

Excuse #2I want to go take a shower.

Reason to bust this excuseI can take a shower after I go for a walk/jog! I already stink so what's the difference if I smell-it-up a little more?!

Excuse #3I need to dig out my sneakers from my gym bag.

Reason to bust this excuseI am going to eventually need these sneakers one way or another. They are adorable and they were bought for working out.

Excuse #4It's too dang hot out.

Reason to bust this excuseUmmm... it's summer. It's supposed to be hot! Even though the temperature is in the high 80's today that shouldn't be an excuse to not get out and get fresh air and some exercise. The sweat is good for me to detox and besides it goes great with that shower I wanted to take.

So as you can see I can probably come up with 100 different excuses to not go out and get some exercise. If I allow myself to continue I am sure this will eventually get out of hand, and as badly as I want to keep making excuses the better part of me knows that this might be the start of me getting back into "fit".

How did you get into exercising? What's your motivation?
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