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Exciting Week!

Posted Feb 08 2011 10:30pm

It’s only Tuesday, but so far this week has been pretty great:

-I’ve eased back into work after my vacation and had today off, which was much needed and allowed me to unpack and get my life in order

-I took an amazing spin class last night at Flywheel (more on that later)

-I registered for the Brooklyn Half Marathon (my first time – so exciting!) AND even more exciting, convinced Nate to sign up – his first race! I’m so excited to train and run together!

-I went back to Bikram today at Bikram Yoga Union Square (more on that later too)

And it’s just going to get better! My sister and her friend are coming for the weekend, Friday is my birthday and I have a fun celebration planned with lots of friends, Cycle for Survival is on Sunday (another post coming on this!), and my mom and my aunt arrive on Sunday for a visit for a few days!

So after being away for a week and struggling through some not so exciting gym workouts, I wanted to mix it up this week with some different workouts. Thanks to VitalJuice and Living Social , I had some spin and yoga vouchers to use up and I did just that! (I am a bit of an exercise deal junkie – I will buy almost any Groupon/Living Social/ Vital Juice deal for workouts!)

Last night I made my second trip ever to Flywheel. Despite the jet lag that is still hanging around, I signed up yesterday morning for the late class after work knowing if I didn’t sign up, I might make an excuse not to go. But I went and I’m so glad I did!


I have to say, I’m so impressed with how smoothly everything went! I signed up for an account online before going in, so once I was there I just had to login for class on the computer and pick up my shoes (which were in a convenient little cubby with the number of the bike I had registered for) and I was all set! They have lockers right next to the studio, so I was able to store my things and head right in. Danielle was my teacher, and even though it was a pretty small class she had great energy and kept me motivated. I haven’t been to a spin class since last May (yikes!) so I was a bit nervous and it was definitely tough, but I felt like I got a great workout. Best of all, Flywheel has a Torq board where if you so choose, you can see your performance compared to other riders (there were only three of us that chose to use it last night) and you can also see the results of your ride online!


Love that. I’ll definitely be using my second class soon!

I also had a coupon from Living Social for a month at Bikram Yoga Union Square that expires soon, so I headed down there today to get started. The studio is really easy to find, bright and clean.

Class today was HOT. Like, one of the hottest classes I’ve ever taken. Isn’t it weird how different studios, and even different classes at the same studio can be different temperatures? Anyway, it’s probably been about 5-6 weeks since my last class, so I definitely was a little out of practice and the heat was a lot to handle, but I made it through and felt so great after. I love the feeling after Bikram – even though I am so sweaty, I always feel so clean! My skin feels amazing all day after class.  I’m not sure how regularly I’ll practice at this studio because it’s not super close to work or home for me, but I’d love to go at least once a week for the next four weeks.

I’m so excited to be doing different workouts, but my mind is definitely already on my upcoming half! I need to start thinking about my training plan. It’s going to be a little difficult, because it needs to be beginner-friendly for Nate, but I’m also hoping this will be my PR race (under 2 hours). Nate already is a faster runner than I am, so I really don’t think that will be difficult for him, but it means I’ll have to be committed to speedwork, which I am not a huge fan of. Does anyone have any speedwork suggestions for me? Keeping in mind I don’t belong to a gym, don’t have access to a treadmill and will be doing my runs outside? Any help will be much appreciated!



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