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Exciting Features Of a Dell Studio 1749 Adapter

Posted Jun 18 2013 6:27am

The  Dell Studio 1749 Adapter  is a laptop charger meant to specifically charge Dell Studio 1749 laptop. The charger has an output of 19.5 volts and 4.26 Amperes hence powers your laptop with this voltage and current. It provides the laptop with 90 Watts of power hence increasing its efficiency in running heavy applications such as 3D games which require high processor power. The input voltage of the Dell Studio Charger ranges between 100V - 240V hence can operate well in different countries with different power supplies. It comes with a long power cable which enables you do your work from any position in your room away from the socket.


When running heavy applications on your laptop, you are advised to avoid using the laptop battery since this reduces its life. You should power your laptop with the  Studio 1749 battery  when running such applications since they require a higher processor clock speed which demands lots of power. Unlike the battery, adapters usually provide enough power to run heavy games and applications. They are also suitable when running DVDs on the laptop. You can try running one of those heavy games on your laptop using the battery and compare the response with occasions when you have plugged in your Studio 1749 Adapter.


An original Dell Studio Adapter usually comes with a one year warranty. You are at liberty to return the charger if it doesn't meet the specifications indicated on its sticker. This period also prevents you from suffering due to the manufacturer errors. In addition to this, the adapter comes in a special  Dell adapter  pouch. This pouch is usually important in ensuring the adapter is safe from any external physical damages and scratches. You should also demand for a power cord when buying an original Studio 1749 Adapter.


When replacing your Dell Adapter you should be very careful to get the exact charger with exact specifications with your previous adapter. The first thing to check is the output voltage. Your Dell notebook is usually powered with 19.5 Volts. You can measure this using an accurate voltmeter. Take note of the positive and negative terminals on the output pin. One terminal is usually on the inside while the other is usually on the outside. Ensure that the voltage is exactly 19.5 Volts to ensure your laptop is safe. Extreme voltages and current could easily destroy your laptop battery. If you get an error in the voltage, return the charger to the seller as soon as possible and get a replacement.


The  Dell Studio 1749 charger  is made to charge your laptop battery as well as powering the laptop itself. Once you plug it in, the battery stops working and starts charging. When the battery is fully charged, avoid cases of overcharging by plugging it out. Overcharging leads to destruction of the battery. When plugging in your adapter to the main power source, use a UPS or a power surge protector as an intermediary to prevent any cases of destruction. In addition to this, remember to unplug the charger from the socket when not in use.


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