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Everything has its place...

Posted Nov 18 2012 9:47pm
So I have truly gone from the most disorganized person in the world to....a considerably organized person. In my entire life I have never been super organized. I always prided myself on being able to just find things among the chaos. My parents tried to get me to "get organized" using words only rather than living by demonstration (they are clutterers too). It did not work. It did not work even when they took off the door of my bedroom as a teenager after my dad exclaimed, "if you want to live in a barn so be it." It did not work either- I think it just made my mom a little frantic because now anyone that came over would "see" my bedroom in all its greatness.

Fast forward to you can see from many of the pictures below I have become organized. And honestly, a few weeks later- I am still organized. I make sure I make my bed before I leave the house, have everything packed the night before, pick out the next days clothing, clean all the clutter that the day has brought in, and just organize for the sake of organizing. I organized my closets, my jewelry, my makeup, my socks, my belts, my scarves, my "winter stuff" oh yes the list goes on and on. Everything has a place- and it just feels great.

I think this started when I began to gain a new perspective on life....or it could be that during the hurricane I thought a tree would fall on the roof and through my bedroom and then "everyone would see" my mess. I do not know why it was then that turned the switch, but it really has. Oh, and yes, it could just be that I am trying to avoid writing my dissertation. It is amazing what you can do when avoiding something that big and daunting. I now clean, I now organize, I now run any chance I get. At least it is a somewhat productive way of procrastinating right?
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