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Everyone Will Love Me – An Illusion About Enlightenment

Posted Oct 14 2010 12:00am

We talk a lot about the joy and bliss of becoming more enlightened, that is being our authentic self and remembering that we are part of the whole rather than a being that is separate from everyone and everything else.  Most of us will find that as we progress along our journey that we will experience great bliss and lightness of being.

One of the things we don’t discuss very much is that as we find our way back to our authentic self, as we awaken, we may very likely not be accepted in the same way we once were by society, our family and sometimes those who are closest to us.

I think it is easy to delude ourselves into believing that as we awaken that the entire world will share in our discovery and in our jubilance and embrace us as we are only to find that in many ways quite the opposite tends to happen. As we awaken we find freedom within choosing to be our authentic self and in doing so we also are able to allow all others the same freedom to be exactly who they are and where they are in relationship to their own journey. When we truly awaken we do not look down our nose at those who continue to slumber, we do not separate ourselves from others who are not in the same place as we are. We understand that we are no better or worse than anyone else. We in essence extend our freedom to be to all others.

One could easily come to expect the same freedom to be extended back from others and this is where the delusion collides with reality. Yes, some will accept you as you and the changes you are going through while others will look at you with a jaded eye and question your motives and still others will seek to silence you, to separate you from the collective group to even crucify you. The changes that may manifest as you awaken will scare many who are asleep, they will not understand or appreciate where you are in your journey. The love and freedom that you extend will cause some to distance them selves from you or to attempt to squelch your voice, your being, your vibration.

This may cause confusion within your self. You may ask yourself is being awake worth the scorn and distance of others? Is being awake worth the rejection or pain that you may receive?

It is natural to want to share our joy with others and we should, however there is not need to become preachy or to come across as righteous or holier than thou. To do this would be a manifestation of our ego. Our spirit does not seek to convert others to where we are or what we are experiencing.  The key is to be truthful with our self and not to become so focused on convincing everyone else as to what we are experiencing. As we our truthful to our self and we awaken we all are impacted because we are all connected.

When we are truthful with our self we must find the courage to stay aligned, we must be willing to accept the slings and arrows of others and if we are to be crucified for being authentic, for being awake that we must also accept that this is part of our journey.

Through our history we can find many instances of enlightened beings being crucified literally and figuratively because by being authentic they were viewed as a threat from those who were still in there slumber.

Be the love that you are and understand that some will love you while others will be indifferent to you and others will hate you and send each all of your love for that is who you are. Remember that you are not defined by the opinions of others, you are defined by your spirit therefore the slings and arrows of others are an external annoyance however it is your choice to allow them to penetrate your being or to have them bounce off you and return them with love.

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