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every now and then

Posted Nov 17 2011 9:33pm

I’m sick. Or getting sick. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on but all I know is I feel achy and icky and not like myself.

Something like this is usually hard pill for a control freak like myself to swallow. I’ve been on a bit of a mental high horse recently, patting myself on the back with how fantastic my new diet is and how phenomenal I’ve been feeling when most everyone around me is miserable with an aggressive case of the sniffles.

Now I have no control over the negative sensations my body is experiencing. And clearly it was all my fault – not enough sleep a couple nights ago. One hand washing that couldda shouldda wouldda (never) happened. Touching my face like an idiot with germy hands.

So even with my foggy mind, I started thinking about my judgement and how it’s a little shotty. How much is too much? And what about when it’s not enough? I find myself second guessing a lot of things. Like when it’s ok to feel accomplished. Or behind. Relaxed. Or up tight. Lazy. Or motivated.

Then it occurred to me that sometimes if not most times, it’s ok to just BE. To just feel what comes naturally, and not fight it or over-analyze. To not rewind the moment or the day in your mind thinking about what you could do better. And in my current case, to just let myself BE sick.

It’s no secret that I’m all about pre-planning in life in order to find balance, but sometimes all that stuff can be let go. Simply embracing the moment for what it feels like, whether good or bad, is an often overlooked but important way to achieve balance.

I think we all need to make our own list of the little things that we will choose to just BE every now and then. I’ll start my own list tonight and then keep adding to it as real life happens. What would you add?

Dear Amanda,
Every now and then it’s ok to….

1. Fall asleep with make-up on

2. Skip working out even if it’s not Sunday

3. SLEEP when you are SICK

4. Keep putting something off on the to-do list that you meant to do (days, weeks, months, etc.) ago

5. Feel GREAT about who you are and where you are in life even if you haven’t quite got it all figured out

6. Get into work 5 minutes late and leave 10 minutes early

7. Ask for what you REALLY want

8. Ignore that annoying oil change light in your car

9. Order whatever you want off of the menu without running algorithms in your head

10. Go to bed without folding the laundry and actually fall asleep




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