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Every day is a Skinny Jeans day!

Posted Dec 08 2008 5:27am
Day Eight of the 100 Reps Challenge

For the trunk rotations, the suggestion is to use a medicine ball but because I don't have one I use an 8 lbs dumbbell and that works just fine as well. You can even use two to step it up a notch! With those side lunges, feel free to hold a dumbbell (or medicine ball) at chest height for added resistance.

20 Trunk Rotations (do 20 on each side)
20 Side lunges (do 20 on each side)

Repeat 5 times for a total of 100 trunk rotations and 100 side lunges!

Fitness Tip: Between each lunge, pause at the starting position to regain your balance and ensure that you are maintaining good posture throughout. Otherwise you might overbalance and fall over. Take my word for it.

Maintain that Healthy Weight

I have found that over the past couple months, I have become stronger and my weight on the scale hasn't changed, but my waist measurements have- by going up! I find this a strange sort of paradox. If I'm gaining strength, and muscle weighs more than fat, and the scale isn't budging, you'd think that my measurements wouldn't change either, right? At least, if they're going to go anywhere, they'd go down. Apparently not.

I don't have too much of an issue with the fact that my body fat must be increasing because right now my body image is doing pretty good, and it wasn't as though I was actively trying to lose inches anyways (even if the intention sure wasn't to gain!) But it does lead me to wonder, have these positive changes in my outlook been the cause of the higher waist measurements? The other day I sat down with a good body image book, and was so filled with a "ra ra let's love ourselves" moment that I proceeded to eat a large amount of popcorn and cookies because "I want to and I shouldn't feel as though I need to deprive myself to achieve a ridiculous societal ideal."

It reminded me of how in junior high and high school I "defied" social standards of perfection by indulging when I chose to prove that our ideals are stupid and that we need to have a good time. (Then a couple years later I shed a good 20 lbs of salted sunflower seeds, Aero bars, lemonade, and hot chocolate. Hm, perhaps that super positive outlook wasn't doing my body good after all?)

I think that this post is an interesting one. It suggests the possibility that waist-to-hip ratios aren't all they're cracked up to be. My math is pretty terrible, but every time I've ever calculated my own waist-to-hip ratio, it's been about 0.8. Everything I've ever read has suggested that this is the absolute highest a person should be; otherwise, they'll be at an increased risk of health problems. But at a 19-something BMI, with a respectable amount of muscle, I know that I'm at a healthy weight. It's just fact that I've got no hips and very little waist. Some of us happen to have boyish figures, that's all! So I was pleased to have found this over at Elastic Waist, as it really confirms what I think we can all agree with: most of those health tools- the scale, the BMI system, the waist-to-hip ratio etc- they all have their own inconsistencies and problems. The definition of a "healthy weight" is different for everyone. Having that coveted hourglass figure doesn't necessarily correlate to being at a healthy weight.

Anyway, waist measurements aside, I am buckling down and taking charge so that my healthy body image doesn't sabotage my healthy weight. It's time to pull out the skinny jeans and turn every day into a skinny jeans day. Those pants won't let me munch mindlessly because they, at least, are painfully aware when I get lazy, don't exercise enough, and am filling my belly with too much good food. To maintain a healthy weight, I really believe that clothes play a big part of it. If you are wearing clothes that are fitted, you are going to be more aware of your body. This has two very positive aspects: 1) the awareness of your body will lead to being more understanding of it, and thereby the comfort level between you and your body increases and your love and respect for it will increase; and 2) those clothes are going to be a wonderful signal to stop the mindless munching and do those 100 reps!

Besides all that, I look best in my skinny jeans. So why wouldn't I want to wear them every day?

Make every day a skinny jeans day. It feels damn good.

Have you also found a paradoxical correlation between body image and waist measurements? Got any other tips to maintain that weight in a similarly sneaky fashion of just changing the clothes you wear? Voice your thoughts!

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