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Eurotrip Part Uno: London (Fish & Chips, English Breakfast? yes please!)

Posted Oct 20 2011 9:52am
Soooo Where do I even begin? I have this friend (Hi Idalia!) who absolutely loves to travel probably more than I do (and I didn’t think that was possible). She is always planning a new adventure. Thanks to her I had the privilege of going to Peru (Machupichu) a couple of years ago and this year she had Europe on her mind. What’s a girl to do with this temptation?! Well, I obviously tagged along. See a trend here?
The trip would consist of 4 countries: London, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. Considering the spontaneous adventurer that I am (also see procrastinator) I booked the trip about 2 weeks before my friend was leaving.

I was “considering” it for several months but I just woke up one morning and decided what-the-heck!  I was going through some life issues, as mentioned here and so decided this to be the perfect opportunity to get away and do what I know and love: TRAVEL.

Side Note: The great news about my booking: I used a rewards card for which I was accumulating points for about 4 years and my plane ticket (round trip with no layovers) was discounted at almost $500!!!!!!!!! This means that a $950 dollar ticket to Europe for a week and a half came out at a little it over $400. Leave it to me—I am the queen of frugality!

London was quite an amazing experience. We were blessed with the opportunity to stay at the house of one of our mutual friends. His parents opened their home and their heart to us in the most amazing way and I could not have asked for a better stay and experience in beautiful London. One of the things I learned was the importance of hospitality and being good to the people you have in your home. I learned volumes from the way his parent’s treated us and my future apartment-guests ought to thank them. I got to eat delicious foods, drank amazing wine and coffee and got to visit the most beautiful London Landmarks.

I have like a zillion pics so I had to pic and choose the main ones for the post...Without further ado, here are the photo-highlights of stop #1 on my Euro-Trip
The DELICIOUS Food/Drinks:

Culture Shock: They sell these at any corner store and you can drink in the streets!

Infamous Fish & Chips

The "light" English breakfast (Tea w/ milk & "Digestives")  The REAL english breakfast

Dessert after my tour of the Buckingham palace
Traditional Sunday English Feast
With the friends (The wonderful guy to the right is our friend Paul who invited us to stay at his beautiful home... Hi Paul!---thank you)

With my english family :)

Desserts--all were homemade and super delicious (Which I could have brought home some recipes)
Yes! I made sure to try everything--and enjoyed every bite
Tried to tone it down a bit with the dessert (yes, this is the toned down
Overview of the feast

Idalia and I showing off our alcoholic cans in the streets
Landmarks/site seeing:

One of my favorite areas/neighboorhoods
One of the train stations
It's true: there IS a chinatown everywhere
The London Financial District

Waterloo with my travel-buddy idalia
The Tower Bridge (gorgeous at night & day)

Mr. Big Ben Himself  Harrods (Loved this place! Food.Clothes. anything you can imagine is in there- kinda like Macy*s but the upgraded version)

Double-decker Bus
So turns out this one is the London Bridge (The "nicer/fancier one is called tower bridge)
Took a tour of the Buckingham Palace! I wasnt allowed to take photos but I saw Kate's dress exhibition. Beautiful!


Another one by the waterloo
My room in London (Loved it) Big thank you to the Murphy family <3 (sorry for the mess I was packing for Europe destination #2):

The beautiful garden behind the Murphy's family Home:

Question: Have you ever been to London/England? Did I miss anything in London? I probably did but I plan to go back so please share where I should go on my next visit :)
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