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Essential Hypertension, The Essential Hypertension Facts

Posted Dec 10 2008 9:18pm
by Jason Falson

Unlike the more usual type of hypertension that comes on through years and can be caused by controllable circumstances such as obesity, essential hypertension has no such cause. It is often said that this type of hypertension just is and so it is dealt with as an inherited situation as opposed to a provoked one. Because essential hypertension is its own cause, it is also called primary hypertension.

Dealing With Essential Hypertension

Essential hypertension will usually need to be watched throughout the patient’s lifetime. There are cases where changes in habits, such as quitting smoking or cutting down on alcohol consumption will lower the patient’s blood pressure reading without having to be administered medications. However, most times blood pressure lowering medications will need to be taken. This is not a devastating prognosis as it is common for people with properly treated hypertension to live full and normal lives.

The Overall View

Essential hypertension is a somewhat broad term since sometimes one patient may be helped by a treatment that another patient was oblivious to. Still, the fact every patient doesn’t respond to the same treatment doesn’t mean these patients are not inflicted with the type of elevated blood pressure that is truly essential, or primary. The only thing that is truly important with high blood pressure is finding out what will control it.

In the end, a medical professional will come up with a plan that will control the hypertension and allow the patient to lead a normal life. Sometimes however, finding the treatment will require a little trial and error.

Because blood pressure medication is meant to be taken daily, no dosages should be missed. This is because hypertension medication has a cumulative effect and skipping a dose lessens the power of the overall treatment.

Another fact about hypertension medication is that it is meant to be taken at the same time of the day each time it is taken. As we have already seen, skipping dosages renders blood pressure medication less effective and now we see, this medication needs to be administered at even intervals. Not following these instructions on dosage and when exactly to take the medication may put the patient at risk of not being able to control the hypertension. Of course, there are many unwanted complications associated with uncontrolled high blood pressure.

Monitor Your Medication’s Effect

Often times any type of medication will need to be altered. This is part of the normal procedure followed for coming to the conclusion of what is the right treatment for any particular individual. So, whenever a patient is not feeling well in the early stages of a treatment for high blood pressure he/she should let the doctor know. The patient should do so because the dosage or the medication itself may need to be changed.

Essential hypertension is quite common today. It is more often seen in adolescents than it is adults. This is simply because there are far more underlying reasons for an older person to have hypertension than a younger one. So of course, when there are other reasons the hypertension is present it would not be primary or essential hypertension.

Essential hypertension is relatively new to the medical lexicon and so, why people get it is not well understood. Some believe, because it comes on without known causes, it is inherited. Only time will tell us whether or not this theory will hold true.

About the Author:
As you have seen, hypertension comes in many forms and disguises. Still, most types of hypertension can be dealt with and overcome. Here are two Websites that will help you do just that. Symptoms of Hypertension. and Essential Hypertension.
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