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Posted Aug 21 2007 12:00am
When I was eight my family moved from the city to a small, rural town in New England on the north shore. There were horses down the street and cows around the corner and lots of windy, unlit back roads carved into acres of trees and woods. At the time there were no traffic lights in our town, just four way stops. My entire graduating class was all of 75 students. It's your typical small town.

Within a very short time I found my group: Me, Amy, Kate, Erin, Tracey. It didn't take long for us to become inseparable. In our younger years we played at recess, mostly ponies and princesses and making our Kermit dolls hump (naughty!) By junior high we were smoking cigarettes, getting wasted and sneaking out. We also had an inexplicable fondness for the unholy and undead and we watched a lot of The Howling, The Lost Boys, Rosemary's Baby, Salem's Lot and pretty much every other Stephen King and horror movie made in the 80s and 90s. We also drank a lot of diet coke and ate Cool Ranch Doritos. Because we were cool like that.

One night during our high school years Erin and I were driving around our neighboring town, winding through the backroads probably on our way to "cruise the strip" at the beach or some other awesome activity that the under 21s resorted to on the weekends. I was sitting in the passenger seat and suddenly saw a spider run across the windshield in front of me. I screamed and started clambering frantically to get into the back seat away from the eight legged devil. As I did this, Erin HIT THE GAS.



A: What? Outrun the spider? Slow down you're going to kill us!!

E: What spider?

A: There was a spider on the windshield! He was huge and coming towards me! But he went out the window...

E: Oh thank god. I thought you saw a werewolf.



A: Wait. So you thought I screamed because I saw a werewolf and you sped up because you thought you could outrun it?

E: Yeah.

Oh, well sure, that makes sense.
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