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Environmentally Safe Green Cigarettes

Posted Jun 09 2010 10:59am

< p>The alternative to cigarette smoking is here. Eco friendly cigarettes or commonly called earth friendly cigarettes are replacing real tobacco. They do not emit carcinogens and the only concern that is present in the real cigarette is nicotine so they’re a much smarter alternative. They can likewise be used as a stop smoking devise or be used in public areas that have outlawed tobacco smoking like bars, restaurants, airport’s or your work place. The inhaled nicotine is in the form of H2o vapor flavor to give the sensation of tobacco so you have regular, menthol along with flavors like vanilla and chocolate. The same physical feeling is still pleasured.

Originally these eco cigarettes came in three parts and were much longer. The three sections were the oral piece including nicotine cartridge, atomizer and a battery. Now you can obtain these green cigarettes in 2 parts and are about the same size as a king cigarette, a few even come in a super slim style if the smoker prefers. The parts are the battery and the mouthpiece which includes the nicotine cylinder and the atomizer. Most are reusable by swapping the nicotine cartridges. The design is made up of four parts to an eco cigarette. Electronic circuitry, battery, a mouthpiece and a heat element.

The mouthpiece, better known as the cartridge is a small cup attached to the tube. The tube holds the absorbing sponge that is wetted due to the absorbed nicotine of your flavor in liquid form. The heat element of the atomizer is the second component. The purpose is to vaporize the fluid nicotine in the oral piece so it may be inhaled. the atomizer and the mouthpiece may be combined in a few e cigarette models. Those are referred to as the mini versions of the eco cigarette.

The battery which is the largest component of these eco friendly cigarettes and is used to power the alternative cigarette. The battery in use is the rechargeable lithium battery to power the heating element. The life span will differ depending on the size, brand, usage and the environment its operated in. You would be best to have 2 batteries then you will always have a spare.

The light at the end is typically red like most  green cigarettes but you can get different colors if you have never been someone to want to be spotted and questioned for possibly smoking a regular tobacco cigarette. The electronic circuits incorporate a timed off switch to avoid overheating and a LED to signal the activation. The airflow sensor employs to activate automatically when drawn on. When exhaled it looks like smoke but it is really water vapor and completely harmless to anyone around you.

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