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Enso Bottles.Environmentally Friendly Biodegradable Plastic Bottle Solution

Posted Aug 29 2009 11:16pm
I was reading an article about Teresa Marie Clark, co-founder of Enso Bottles, and discovered that Enso produces environmentally friendly biodegradable PET bottles for consumer and commercial use as the solution to traditional plastic bottles contributing to the massive landfill waste. The bottles are different than others because they're not Oxo-degradable or PLA (corn based) plastic. Enso bottles unique preform and blown bottles break down through microbial action into inert humus and biogas leaving behind no harmful materials. Their bottles are also recyclable. Healthy for you and the environment, how awesome is that?

Enso Bottles was started in 2008 and rolled out this year with the goal to produce a more sustainable, environmentally friendly solution to the PET bottling industry. Their long-term goals are to develop renewable and sustainable sources of bioplastics which are derived from non-food feedstocks. Their future products will assist in reducing our dependence on unsustainable resources such as fossil fuels and current biodegradable products will greatly assist in reducing plastic bottle pollution in both landfill and ocean environments. The researchers developed their bottles by adjusting the polymer chain of traditional PET bottles by adding organic compounds and microbial nutrients. This makes it more attractive to microbes enabling it to be broken down faster.

The first bottled water company to begin using the Enso bottles was a California producer called AquaMantra that expected their first shipments to be delivered in May of 2009. Other manufacturers and producers have followed suit.

To read more about Enso Bottles Enso Bottles Home Page
To see the list of product Enso Bottle Products

What are your thoughts on this product and the company's goals? Let me know.

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