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Enhanced Oral Chelation Scam

Posted Jun 14 2010 2:53pm

< p> Enhanced Oral Chelation Reviews

Does Enhanced Oral Chelation Work?

Is Enhanced Oral Chelation A Scam?

Reckon Of Trying Enhanced Oral Chelation? Read This Before You Buy Anything!

What exactly is oral chelation?

Oral Chelation is the use of EDTA ( Ethylene Diamine Triacetic Acid ) to bind molecules, such as metals or minerals, ( i.e plaque & calcium deposits on arteries ) and remove & flush them out from the body..

The purpose of EDTA oral chelation is to clear clogged arteries in our body and thus help to prevent angina pain, storke and heart attack. EDTA is now widely used as an alternative to angioplasty and bypass surgery

Numerous studies have proven EDTA chelation can remove arterial plaque and help improve blood circulation The first EDTA chelation was carried in 1940 by US Navy to combat lead poisoning

Enhanced Oral Chelation is a product manufactured by Health Resources and it claims to promote healthy blood circulation throughout our entire vascular system by flushing out the plaque, calcium or fatty deposits that has long been accumulated and unnoticed in our blood vessels over a number of years.

We all knew that blocked arteries can cause high blood pressure and if left untreated, will eventually lead to angina pain, stroke and heart attack. Balloon angioplsty and bypass surgery, cuopled with life long medication sare common recommendations from doctors

If you’re above 50 or older, you should pay cloase attention to your heart health.

And It is estimated about 6 Americans suffer a cardiac event every minute of every day. To avoid stroke and heart attacks, you must do something about your clogged arteries.

How Does Enhanced Oral Chelation Work?

Enhanced Oral Chelation will remove all arterial plaque and calcium in our arteries and make it squeaky clean. With cleared arteries, the blood flow become smooth and this can stop heart attacks and stroke. In addition, it can also reduce blood pressure and cholestrol level.

Does Enhanced Oral Chelation Work?

In order to find out whether Enhanced Oral Chelation work or not, we must investigate its ingredients…

Enhanced Oral Chelation contains the ingredients as below…

EDTA ( Main Ingredients ) :- EDTA can remove arterial plaque in our blood streams.

Vitamin C &E

Folic Acid and Trimethylglycine (TMG) – Powerful ingredients to help regulate levels of perilous homocysteine in your bloodstream.

Vitamin B12 – Critical vitamin helps protect your heart cells and regulate arteries inflammation.

Magnesium-This essential mineral helps keep blood vessels and blood pressure healthy and keep your heart beating steady and strong.

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine-A powerful anti-aging amino acid, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine also promotes collagen production for younger-looking skin.

Bromelain – Also an anti-inflammatory

We found that Enhanced Oral Chelation formulation is similar to Advanced Artery Solution, which happen to be manufactured by make of Enhanced Oral Chelation, Right Health. Both products are owned by Dr. Michael Cutler, the woner of both Right Health and Health Resources

Looking at these ingredients, it is obvious that only Enhanced Oral Chelation relies heavily on EDTA. Other ingreidients does not help much in removing plaque in our body

Final Thoughts

Although EDTA chelation does work to some extent to remove plaque and restore our heart health, but, EDTA alone is not enough. If you’re looking for a reliable option to restore your heart health, we recommend you to take a look at Angirx, which we reckon is worthy of your investigation.

Leanr more abour Enhanced Oral Chelation Review Now,

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