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Engagement Party, Part 1

Posted Sep 20 2009 12:00am
Back when Eric and I first got engaged, my mom and I decided that bridal showers were really not my thing (all girls? eh. open presents in front of everyone? ah!!). I have since come to enjoy throwing them for others, but we decided an engagement party would be more Kelly and Eric. Yes, we did get engaged 9 months ago, and some people plan their wedding in less than 9 months but not us :)

I am not going to post all the pictures right now because I only have pictures from my camera and I know my sister and others have some great pictures but I'll start anyways. First of all, the "details" that I hate to plan but love to admire. Luckily my mom and sister are detail people so they took control.

The amazing picture on the cake was taken by our fabulous wedding photographer, Kelly Hike , during our engagement session.

All these weddings have really made me into flowers, and I am actually starting to learn what some flowers are called. These came out awesome, thanks Mom!

If you remember my birthday/engagement party that Katie threw me, I developed an obsession with candy with our names on them when Gerry gave us pink and green m + ms that said Kelly and Eric. So awesome. My resourceful sister found these online and ordered them. She rocks.

Before the actual party, we took some pictures outside. We had the party at a golf club that has a lot of family memories for me. My grandfather was a member so a few of my aunts and uncles got married there, as well as I had a big 7th grade birthday party there. Not to mention the summers of golf, tennis and swim team there. And just for the record, I really was not a fan of golf even then- I don't just dislike golf just to annoy Eric :) At some point I will have to scan in a picture of my 7th grade birthday in my sparkly purple dress. Hopefully I can find one of me and Tiff since she was there then and last night!

My brother Jake just started college in Connecticut 3 weeks ago, but he took the long train ride to be back for the party (and gave up a night of serious partying I'm sure), thanks Jake!

I thought that would be the last I saw of Eric for the night because normally we are TERRIBLE at staying together during our own parties (too many people to talk to) but actually we didn't do too horrible last night. Still might need to glue ourselves together for the wedding...

Me, Eric, Caroline and Chris. Chris = Caroline's boyfriend, aka my second brother, aka my current landscaper, aka amazing DJ. He wears many hats what can I say? Last night Caroline and Chris were in charge of the music/dancing portion and I must say they were way better than any DJ I know! Caroline has been working on this playlist for weeks and I don't just mean she added some songs to playlist. She add some songs, then reevaluated, then reevaluated again, then started running to the music to see if it was good dance music, then reevaluated again- etc etc. It ended up being awesome and we had a ton of fun dancing too it.

Those are me and my beautiful bridesmaids, minus Ash- who has made lots of appearances on this blog in the past but lives in Chicago and had to work this weekend (boo med school) so I missed her! From left, Shannon, Courtney (both cousins- who I asked to be in the wedding last night, I'll post more about that later), Katie, me, Caroline (sister) and Tiff.

Eric + his fam
The blog is starting to freak out a bit about all of the photos I am adding, so I am going to leave with you some dancing and singing...I promise to post more later :)

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