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Energy Transference Through Food

Posted Sep 27 2010 12:00am

Most us have fond memories of great food that someone special in our life made for us. You will hear people say, “this lasagna is good, however not as good as my Mom makes, Moms is the best!” or “I enjoyed the curry, however it doesn’t come close to way my Aunt makes it”.  Some of us may even try to learn the recipe and try to discern what the secret ingredient or process is that makes someone else’s food taste so scrumptious, only to find that there really is nothing they are doing different in the preparation and cooking of the food then what we do. When we ask what their secret is they come back with the cliché that the secret ingredient is “Love” to which we smile and accept even though we suspect they might be still holding out on some part of the recipe.

Could “love” be the true secret ingredient? I think there is some validity to this claim. Everything is energy and therefore I believe it is reasonable to suggest that food lovingly prepared could indeed taste better than someone who begrudgingly prepared the food we eat or from someone who had a cloud of negative energy present as they prepared the food. I believe it is reasonable to believe that we transfer our energy to the food we are preparing and that the people who eat the food we prepare unknowingly may be ingesting the energy we transferred to the food.

As we become more sensitive to the energy around us we may find that we intuitively will decide not to eat food that normally we would enjoy. We may find that even though we are hungry and food looks good that intuitively we don’t want to eat the food that is available. When we go against our intuition and eat the food anyway we often find that we don’t enjoy it and we end up throwing a large portion of it away. Have you ever found yourself in this situation? Could this happen because we sense that the food is laced with some sort of negative energy that will not serve us?

In the past few weeks I have been traveling quite a bit and I have had numerous layovers in airports. During my layovers if I have time I will try to find a place in the airport where I can sit, eat and connect to the internet. On one of my last trips I found myself with a three hour layover in Philadelphia International airport. I like the Philadelphia airport, it is okay as far as airports go. This day, I came off of my flight and I was very hungry so once I found out where my gate was I started to scope out places to eat. There were many places were I could grab a bite to eat however the airport was very crowded and even when I found a couple of places where I would have normally been okay with eating at I couldn’t bring myself to sit down and eat or to even buy a Philly soft pretzel to snack on. I couldn’t discern what it was, however as hungry as I was my intuition told me not to eat. I know that I probably looked like a crazy man as I walked back and forth between eatery’s trying to convince myself I needed to get something to eat, however try as I might; I had this nagging feeling that this was not where I should get something to eat. I decided to remain hungry and wait until I got to where I was going to eat a meal.

Now, what was it that drove me not to eat? Was it the crowds, was it the noise, was it the mixture of food odors that that drove me not to eat or was it something more, was it some type of negative energy that I was intuitively responding to? I don’t know for sure what it was, maybe it was a combination of all of these factors. It did get me thinking about food and energy and the relationship of the energy of the food preparer and the food they prepared and how that energy could be transferred via the food they prepared to another person.

What do you think? Is the secret ingredient love? Does the intent of the person preparing the food affect the experience of the person eating the food? Would the food you prepare for yourself taste better if you change your intentions when preparing the food? Was Mom right, is the secret ingredient the same ingredient that makes everything better, is it simply and complexly love?

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