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Energy Drinks: Why the FDA Cannot Save You From Damaging Your Health

Posted Oct 04 2012 8:30am

energy drinks are dangerous

energy drinks are dangerous Follow Me on Pinterest The marketing industry as a whole does not turn down clients, if you have a product someone will say yes to marketing it. There have been questions raised over the years about marketing such products as alcohol, adult Films, cigarettes and now energy drinks .

New York subpoenas Energy Drink makers New York’s attorney general issued subpoenas to Monster Beverage Corporation and Living Essentials LLC., the maker of 5-Hour Energy Drink. The subpoena requested information on the company’s marketing and advertising practices claiming that they are misleading customers with inaccurate labeling and false claims on the amount of caffeine that the products contain.

A major concern is that energy drinks are being marketed and as dietary supplements and often do not disclose the amount of caffeine or other ingredients. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration restricts the amount of caffeine in soda to .02 percent, but this does not apply to energy drinks.  Rockstar recently was sent a letter by the FDA that questioned the usage of an unapproved food additive, Ginkgo Biloba. Rockstar is labeled as a dietary supplement, but advertises itself as convention beverage and these marketing practices were also questioned by the FDA.

Energy drinks target you adults The entire $9 billion energy drinks industry could potentially come into question. The industry leaders Monster, Red Bull, and Rockstar are all huge sponsors of extreme sporting events that are popular with a younger demographic. The levels of caffeine that are contained in these drinks are potentially harmful for anyone, but especially younger people. These extreme sporting events like X-games are sponsored by Red Bull or Monster and the events are saturated with the products. Fans see all the advertising, and see their favorite athletes drinking the product and they get pulled in.

Many products get marketed to young people from Happy Meals to Cigarettes because they are the demographic with excess money, and they are very receptive to trends. Unfortunately they are also more prone to addiction, and these products also can do more harm to their body.

The FDA has limited control over the energy drinks industry so there is not a governing body that forces recommended dosage or ingredients labels.  Is it for marketers to be responsible? If you were the CEO of a Marketing Agency or Advertising Agency would you be able to say no to a client such as Red Bull?

One can make comparisons in the marketing between energy drinks and cigarettes but energy drinks are nowhere near harmful. So if an adult wanted an energy drink should they have to be hassled to show id? It seems like either way freedoms are being limited.

What is your opinion on energy drinks, do you think their marketing campaigns should be changed?

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