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Endurance Expo

Posted Feb 26 2013 3:44am

Hope you all had a nice weekend! :)

I unfortunately didn’t get over my stomach bug fully until Sunday :( It was a long weekend of no appetite and my stomach going from good to bad every 5 minutes. After feeling pretty well Friday, Saturday I felt worse…(like, really?) and then finally Sunday I felt alright again. I’m pretty sure I lost a solid 5 pounds from all that “fun.”

Besides the bad stomach, I had a great weekend with Drew, and seeing his family for this first time since we got engaged and celebrating with them was fun.


Saturday we went to the Philly Endurance Sports Expo, which was fun seeing tons of bikes, shoes, and tons of things any endurance athlete could need. I didn’t get anything, but it was fun to look. Drew said it wasn’t as good as the other years, so he was disappointed. I have to say I was disappointed I didn’t get many free samples. LAME.


Sorry blue! Nothing new for you :(

Unfortunately because of the stomach bug, I was on a mini setback from running for 4 days. Obviously I didn’t get a chance to run my 9 miles, so instead I was attempting them yesterday afternoon…but instead it turned into 5. Which I’m okay with, because it was a good 5 miles..but I can tell that I have a little work to do on the running. It sucks that with 4 days off you can feel its effects..ugh! And it’s officially crunch time! less than 3 weeks to go til the half! AH. I am going to try to run my 9 on Wednesday. Apparently it’s supposed to be 50 degrees and I have off work that night. Perfect! I’m ready for some good running weather!

Besides the running part, I’ve been making sure that I do core work and glute exercises. My Tone It Up DVD is awesome for that because it has sepertate workouts for each. I have liked going for a run and then popping in those videos right after. Even in the home stretch til NYC I’m really trying to stay injury free and keeping your glutes strong is definitely a key to that! Oh, and of course foam rolling after is a good tip too. Last night I even got in the hot tub, which I swear melts soreness away. Ahh :)

  • Do you like to do strength moves after runs? I used to just run and be done, but now I’ve been trying to strengthen too!


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