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Endings and Beginnings- Happy New Year! and Russian Christmas

Posted Jan 06 2011 4:40pm
2011 has a nice ring to it! I'm happy to say good bye to 2010 and a big hello to this year.

 Reflection for 2010...
It was one of my most challenging. Anyone that knows me, KNOWS just how challenging it was but considering I did everything within my power to let it run gracefully. Not without a little bang right before the end ;) I learnt many things, one of which, YOU come first and YOU know best. That there are no wrong moves. Literally, there are no wrong moves in life. Sure they have consequences but in the end, it always works out. Take each perceived mistake on the chin and keep going. Mistakes are blessings in disguise. One door closes only to open to another. There are no real dilemmas, no real dramas worth your life force. My yoga detox nicely summed up my drama-less approach to life.

The start of something new 2011...

I have a few plans for this year, a visit from a lovely raw food Chef from Canada (will keep you posted). This is how most people know her but really, she is SO much more than a raw food chef. A traveller, a yogini, writer, a young heart ready to discover the world- this girl rocks ;) my secret for now. I plan on going to yoga retreat/ training next week (plan on blogging about that), belly dance, salsa, and art therapy. I have a pile of books I need to get through, this IS exciting for me believe it or not. Possibly YouTube channel hmmm maybe maybe. Clinic wise I'll be trying to work LESS, to allow room for these other things- we shall see!

Summing up the silly season...

I do such a good job at being grounded, all year right up until  my sisters wedding, Christmas and New Years. A few stories to tell but more importantly have had/ am having a great time relaxing. I do notice without the daily work routine, my linear mind goes out the window. I forget the day, I don't use my diary and instead count on the sun and moon to tell me what time it is- kidding, but I do forget the day. Besides extra alcoholic beverages (such a technical term lol) and Christmas day. I've been very healthy. I guess I'm at the place where I don't think about it anymore.
However, it's a tradition of mine to start the year sober and to set a few intentions. They basically go along the lines of....
Health, Happiness, Wealth, Creativity, Soul, Loooove and all in between.
I realise this is an ambiguous description but I am a little secretive with my dreams and goals. Maybe that's something I can work on, be more open...
Be more open... nope! not this year ;)

Another detox...
This is my typical light cleanse that is easy to do, non- restrictive. Nothing too strict, just the basics of good healthy eating, minus the toxic stuff.

Focusing on: Organic, fresh, local and seasonal produce. Green powders, "superfoods", juices, smoothies, fruit, salads, a small amount of grains, eggs, dairy, steamed, grilled veggie dishes, green and herbal teas.

Excluding: alcohol, overly cooked, heavier, fattier dishes. (the exclusion list is limited because I'm consistently very healthy). To the average person exclude alcohol, coffee (hate the stuff, smells great but makes me tired), anything processed, white flours, pasta, red meat, conventional dairy products.

Exercise wise, I'd like to move more. Just a bit more and my body will be happier...
I love hiking/ bush walking. It always makes me feel great and allows me time to contemplate life, get some sun and air.

A couple of pictures on my latest walk...

 I love this perspective! This is how an ant would see the world, climbing up a tree

Looking at the sky while lying on the grass= bliss

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