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Emotionally Exhausted But I'm Trying To Stay Sane

Posted Oct 21 2009 12:00am

Wow, let me tell you, I slept 10 whole glorious hours last night.


I really was only 2 hours behind on my sleep since Sunday night so I was perplexed by how long I slept in today.  But now I have figured out the culprit, it’s that I’m emotionally exhausted.  You know, that kind of tired when your brain is working really really hard all day for quite a few days in a row.  I have some tips to help get through it though, and let these act as a reminder for me, since I am certainly not perfect.

Number 1 – if your body wants sleep, find time for the sleep.

Number 2 – be conscious about turning on and off.  That is when you are doing a certain activity, put your whole focus into that activity and do not think about everything else that is on your plate right now.  It will make each task more productive.

Number 3 – keep your house clean.  There’s nothing more draining than being emotionally run down and wanting to chill out but you are sitting around a messy house, that is not relaxing.  (Uh oh, I didn’t take my own advice on this one, look at this desk yet again)


Number 4 – fit some exercise in.  Yes you may not be able to keep the same regular schedule.  I try to fit in two per week when it’s really crazy.  When your brain is making you tired try yoga or running, they are great for clearing the head.  You might even want to try some relaxing meditation.


Number 4 – try not to worry, that’s wasting precious time that you could be doing something.  This is easier said than done for me (Mom, Brad, Lily, if you are reading I know you are nodding your head).

Number 5 – keep eating well.  There’s nothing that’s going to make you feel crappier than eating crappy.  Good food will boost your mood and give you energy.  Look at my delicious oatmeal breakfast, it powered me through a study session this morning.  (I spiked my coffee with cinnamon)


There you have it folks, how I try to make it when my brain literally hurts.

Do you have any tips on staying sane when your world is going crazy?

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