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Emotional yoga

Posted Jan 31 2011 10:11am

Hello friends,

Thanks for all the sweet comments about our fermented socca , as you can tell we love playing around with different versions.

Yesterday Lori and I did a hot yoga class, it is becoming apart of our Sunday routine.

I still consider myself new to yoga. I am not the best one in the class. I am not very flexible. I am still gaining strength.  Finding my balance.

My body felt wonderful, moving, stretching and all, but it was my mind. My mind was everywhere. I had a real hard time focusing on me.

On my body. My movement. My breathe.

As the class was coming to an end, we did some wheels (backbends) and I noticed myself getting emotional. I know heart opening exercises can stir up emotions, and yesterday it did! I kept comparing myself to others in the class. I was thinking..why I can’t do that pose, why can’t I deepen that stretch, etc.

I tried to respect it. Honor my feelings. But to be honest I kept saying, “Michelle, focus, stop worrying, stop putting pressure on yourself. Just be.”

I did it. I stuck with it. I am facing my emotions on the mat. I am doing it for me.  Yoga is practice…so practice I will continue to do.  I know each yoga practice will be a different experience both physically and emotionally which will only help me get stronger :)

After an intense and emotional yoga I enjoyed an unique smoothie.


Parsley, Ormus green powder, coconut milk, pumpkin, irish moss, stevia and carob.

My first time having pumpkin in a smoothie, it was pretty good.  A different kind of good.

Twins Question: Have you had an emotional yoga before? If you do not practice yoga, do you want to? What is holding you back?

I have always loved yoga. Loved how it makes me become more aware. Even with my personal fears of failure, when I am on the mat, I do feel strong. And one day I will be able to do a headstand :) I look forward to that day! Till then I will keep on practicing my practice of yoga. And thanks to my dear friend Gillian who reminds me to just be me , stop comparing and love every moment of my life without guilt! Thanks girl!

Till next time,


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