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Emotional Cooking, part deux.

Posted May 12 2010 6:29pm

I’m currently pretty overwhelmed at work. Way too much drama. Way too much to do. Way too draining.

So I came home last night all grumptastic and ready to do what I do best: nap. Napping is my nonproductive way of dealing with things. I’m an avoider. Always have been. I’m REALLY good at pretending that unpleasant things don’t exist. And when I can’t do that, I nap. I could sleep away entire days to avoid unpleasant feelings. Which typically for me means, most any feelings. I don’t like feelings.

But, being the burgeoning self-aware adult that I am, I decided to forego the nap for something a little more productive and equally (if not more) efficient at taming my anger and anxiety.

And that is cooking.   With dough that has to be kneaded.  Or…in my case…pounded .

I also had 5 CSA hydroponically grown tomatoes in my fridge and wasn’t sure what to do with them.  For the last couple weeks, they’ve been all dressed up with nowhere to go.

So, I decided that tomatoes + kneaded dough of some sort = tomato tart.

The best dough always starts with butter. Lots and lots of butta.

Enough dough for two more dishes…just freeze and thaw!

Roasted tomatoes with fresh picked basil and oregano

Goat cheese mixed with a splash of milk, minced shallots, sea salt and pepper.

Was I successful in quelling my urge to punch a wall when I got into work today?  Yes.  Was my belly full and my mouth delighted?  Yes.  Did I use up all the tomatoes? Yes. Win. Win. Win. Win.

Emotional Cooking > Emotional Eating…don’t you agree?

Alrighty folks, time to go water my SOD!  Yay!  I finally got grass! :)  It only took me 13mos. in my new house to accomplish that.

And then, schluffy time.

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