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Embrace Your Troubles To Beat Negativity & Be Happier

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:21pm

I’ve had a serious problem these last few years and it’s been especially bad in the last 12-24 months.  As I’ve grown more and more hearing impaired, I’ve had less and less luck finding jobs.  Some people have told me not to tell anyone in the interview that I’m hearing impaired, but the problem with that is, it’s bad enough that if I don’t tell them, they just think I’m stupid.  I’d rather admit my hearing impairment than have them make assumptions that aren’t true.  The bottom line is I haven’t been hired by anyone I’ve interviewed with for a couple of years now.  This has left me dependent on someone else, which is not how I roll.

I’d applied at Department of Rehabilitation (not that kind of rehab) to get help with hearing aids and job retraining, but it seemed like those appointments were going nowhere.  I’d go in for what should have been an hour appointment and they’d stretch on for 2-3 hours and it didn’t seem like they were getting me any closer to help.

In the depth of my misery over the situation, Amy Flynn from All About Energy, left me a few comments at Twitter.  I have to paraphrase here because Twitter won’t let me access any of my direct messages past the most recent page.  She basically told me that my growing deafness was perfect for me and that I wouldn’t have been given it this gift if I wasn’t equipped to handle it.  She said if I stop viewing my hearing loss as something that’s been taken from me and start viewing it as “something extra” then I would begin to see the gifts in it.  She added that if I embraced it instead of trying to resist what is then my life would transform.

Despite the fact that I’m in a similar field, I have to admit it never occurred to me to see my hearing impairment as a plus in my life.  I didn’t see how the impact of such a thing could hold any benefit.  However, I could see the logic in what Amy was saying and my life in that area is so low that there would be nothing lost in trying it.

I sat down and meditated on it and even in that welcoming and open space, it was hard for me at first to make the words come out.  I said to the cosmic soup, “Thank you for my deafness.  Thank you for choosing me.  Thank you for the many blessings deafness brings, both seen and unseen.”  It felt bad to say at first.  Acid practically dripped from my words in the beginning, but the more I said it, the easier it was to say.  After a few minutes I could feel the familiar joy of my appreciation and could feel sincere and happy when I said the words.

I decided in that space that since I know I had a plan for myself when I came down into life that I would trust in the process of my own destiny.  Nature doesn’t create any waste.  God doesn’t make any junk.  I truly can’t see that nature would allow a condition that wasn’t in line with her bounty.  Look around you… nature is so abundant it springs up anywhere and in even the most unlikely places.  Nature is not exclusive or restrictive. Nature finds her way over boundaries and obstacles, leaving life on virtually every surface of this earth.  Nature is lifeward always.  So why would my condition be otherwise?

Maybe I can’t see the gifts in this particular blessing right now, but I have to trust that it’s part of my destiny and will be something that allows me to do what I’m here to do in the special way I’m here to do it.  This new attitude, formed in those quiet moments on the shores of the cosmic soup, is what allows me to now give thanks for my deafness with my whole heart.

After even this first meditation session, I felt instantly better.  In another day or so after that, I was noticing that was feeling a lot more like my old self.  Usually I’m very light inside and am always saying things to make other people feel valued or special, but I’d stopped doing that as I soaked in my own unhappiness and the future that seemed so uncertain to me then.  Then I got a call from my counselor at DOR and she was telling me I’d been approved for services and that I was classified at Category 1 Most Severely Disabled, which means I’ll get served before other people who are less severely disabled.  This is good news and means I’ll have hearing aids pretty soon and could be starting my career retraining as early as January.

I’d felt like my case was stagnating and here all of a sudden it’s a GO - almost like a gate was thrown open.  I’m noticing other more subtle changes too like less blockages in personal interactions.

I’m going to keep track of changes I notice over the next few weeks and post them here.  It’s neat to see something like this in action.  In the mean time, what “problem” do you have that you could embrace instead of resist?  Imagine what could happen if one were to take the same approach with conditions of overweight, disease, work problems, etc.

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  1. Embrace Your Troubles To Beat Negativity & Be Happier

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