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Electric Blue

Posted Mar 14 2011 9:14pm


Last week was a productive wedding planning week!  We successfully:

  • Signed the contract with the photographer
  • Received our invites in the mail and finalized all the addresses
  • Ordered our favors and shipped them to my mom’s house
  • Bought my wedding shoes
  • Taste tested our “hers” signature drink!

Electric Blue Lemonade:

Certainly not healthy by any means, but what’s life without some indulgences?  Especially at my wedding!

Ingredients:  1 part vodka, 1 part Blue Curacao, 3 parts lemonade and lemon for garnish


Fill (Nevada Battle Born!) glass with ice


Add 1 part of your favorite vodka


Add 1 part of your favorite Blue Curacao


Fill the glass up with lemonade!


I didn’t have any fresh lemon on hand, but you get the idea!  It tasted really really good, so I think this one is the winner for “my” signature cocktail.  Plus, it doesn’t turn your teeth blue, which was a must… we will be having a real bartender mix them up and since our wedding colors are blue and yellow, once the lemon is in place, it will match! 


Unfortunately, yesterday and today I have been feeling under the weather. :(  I can’t seem to go longer than a few months lately without getting sick.  Changing weather?  Working in close quarters with eight other (seemingly always sick) people?  Stress?  Who knows, but I’m loading up on chicken noodle soup and fluids!

I’ve rescheduled my six mile run for hopefully Wednesday.  The most important thing right now is to be healthy and functional for these last ten weeks leading up to the wedding!

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