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Eight Tips for Healthy Living

Posted Nov 22 2011 1:25pm
Eight tips for healthy living—do you know what are some essential factors in a healthy diet and lifestyle?

Sounds like a no-brainer, but one of the most important steps for healthy living is to maintain a consistent exercise routine. Getting the right amount of sleep every night and staying consistent in how much sleep you get is also vital. Maintaining stable emotional and spiritual health and well-being is also highly essential to healthy living.

Concerning our physical bodies, we need to be certain to rid our bodies of toxins. Toxins negatively affect our thyroid and can shut down our metabolism. Green tea is a good natural detox to take. Just check, because some green tea is caffeinated and if you drink it later on in the evening, you may hinder your sleep.

We should take omega 3 supplements—they stabilize our moods and have few negative side effects. Taking probiotics is also important. They are natural bacteria that help our bodies maintain natural balance of organisms in the intestines. They increase our metabolism and balance our digestive system.

Fiber is essential to a healthy diet. Many of us do not get the right amount of fiber in our daily diets. That’s why if you don’t, then taking a fiber drink or supplements is a good idea. Fiber is essential in lowering bad cholesterol, regulating blood sugar and lowering the risk of heart disease.

Staying hydrating is so vital to healthy living. Water keeps every part of our body working properly each day. It assists in flushing out waste and keeping our body at the right temperature. We lose water every day when we sweat, urinate, breath and have bowel movements. You can survive longer without food, but not that long without water. It’s essential to drink enough every day, especially as we exercise and in the hot weather.

Eating a healthy diet is important, but it’s also been studied that eating smaller meals (2 – 4) every day can help stimulate our metabolism and improve our health and body composition. Some people have a very good metabolism and they digest their food and this happens consistently and quickly every time they eat. However, not everyone has this great metabolism. So, if you do eat small meals, it will aid your body in properly digesting your food.

What do you think about these healthy living tips? Do you have any healthy advice to add?

[Facts found in the WAHU Team News, November 2011]
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