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eggs, eggs, they're good for your heart.

Posted Sep 09 2011 3:03pm
the more you eat them, the more you fart!

Please tell me you've heard that little rhyme? My mom was a camp councilor when she was in college and learned lots of cute little rhymes just like that one. 

Anywayyyyyys. Look what I got from my oh-so-awesome Aunt Lisa and Uncle Frank...EGGS! I like to think of it as a nice little back to school gift. You want a flat screen TV for your apartment and I want free-range organic eggs. 

I found it interesting that each egg was slightly a different shade and size! If you remember the last time I got eggs from my aunt and uncle's farm, you'll know that they number them according to when they were collected. That way, they know which ones to eat first. Geniusss.

Okay, so I got these eggs and right away was excited to get crackin'. (terrible joke, I know...just roll with me).

*side note* My Aunt Lisa is actually one of my foodie inspirations. You'd die, three times, if you tried her pumpkin dinner rolls.

For lunch, I made fajita seasoned, sauteed sweet onion and red pepper, black beans, and scrambies! I used 1 of the larger eggs + 1 medium egg white + 1 small egg white.

Let's face it you guys, not all food looks as good as it tastes.

I topped this with lots of (insert word).
Chunky Salsa. (the chunkier the bettier) You'd be appalled if you knew how much salsa I consume on a daily basis.  Feliz Viernes! 
How do you like your eggs?
Any salsa fans out there?

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