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Efficacy of green tea, one hour after a meal and drink more healthy

Posted May 07 2013 4:51pm
  Green tea is a favorite of many people, it can not only cool, you can also radiation, many office workers like to drink green tea to care for their own health. Of course, green tea is not without any taboos, incorrect method will naturally exhibit a negative impact.The efficacy of green tea, hermes bags outlet  one hour after a meal and drink will be more healthy.
  Summer drink green tea, there are many, mostly because green tea can cool down, let yourself feel cooler, but drinking is a skill, cheap hermes jewelry  one hour after a meal to drink the role and the effect will be more obvious to the human body the benefits will be more.
  Although there are many effective green tea, but also green tea in order to achieve better results in the best time. Green tea comparison for oxidation, so it is necessary that the bubble ready-to-drink, storage time, preferably not more than one hour. Stored too long oxidation, drinking ineffective. The hot summer weather is easy to fall asleep and thirst.  cheap hermes shoes   Green tea contains caffeine can stimulate the central nervous system, eliminating sleepy play a refreshing effect. Green tea contains tea polyphenols, sugars, amino acids, pectin, vitamins and saliva in the mouth from the chemical reaction, and moisten the mouth, Cheap hermes belt   can play the role of thirst.
  The best time to drink green tea one hour after a meal. Before a meal one hour before. cheap hermes bags    The effect of drinking green tea before going to bed two hours. Drinking green tea before going to sleep easily lead to insomnia. Avoid drinking green tea, tea before meals, after meals. Fasting tea. Long time storage of green tea drinking. Do not drink hot tea and tea. Women in the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, lactation, menopause, expectant of drinking green tea.  kelly purse hermes   Just remember that drinking green tea can achieve very good results.
  Note drink green tea we all know, because different people will be different constitution, does not mean that everyone is fit to drink green tea, so must remember the simplicity of the above-mentioned,  cheap hermes handbags outlet   also need at the right time drinking, allowing the body to be fully absorbed.
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