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Effectiveness of Essential Oils

Posted Jan 22 2009 4:43pm 2 Comments
I am so busy playing with my natural cosmetics and learned so much from it. The effect of Essential oil with natural cosmetics bases is so powerful with any other synthetic products. I put Peppermint, Juniper and Camphor Essential oil on my Facial Cream Base and the effect shown right after I woke up. Now my skin dry. This only means that the effects of Essential oils are very fast and effective. I am now going to make a cream to ease the dry part on my face.
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You used terribly drying oils that truly have no part in skincare.  I'm assuming you have oily skin and wanted to dry it...but gentle treatment is truly more effective.  Next time you might want to try really low dilutions of distilled Lime oil and/or Bergamot FCF if you want a citrus aroma,  ylangylang or Spike Lavender if you want a floral aroma, or Cedarwood.  These are gentler and, in properly low dilutions, won't damage your skin.   For suggested essential oils for various skin types and conditions you might want to look at 

For facial care, we normally recommend starting with a 1% dilution. If well tolerated you can gradually increase it to 2.5% of the total essential oils.

Yup Marge, I have very Oily skin thats why I use these Essential But I guess I put too much. I am using Tea Tree OIl now on my face cream
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