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Effective Work-out

Posted Sep 08 2010 11:31am
By training with weights or resistance machines, you will increase or maintain the strength of your bones .  So you need to do this like take baby steps. Don’t try to change your life overnight – start with small changes, and work up gradually. And the good news is that you can use your lunch hour; spend half your lunch hour taking a fitness break.  30 minutes is enough.

Before starting see your doctor to know if you have some medical problems. And to have something with amazing results you should go to an orthopedist to do a “ check up ” in your body and you should do an anthropometric exam including an assessment postural before any exercise . As I already said in another post.

As a beginner, training your core muscles – chest, back, legs, and abs – should be your first priority. You need to build your foundation first. It supports you, your entire body.

A common workout program is: Day 1: Chest & Tri’s, Day 2: Back & Bi’s, Day 3: Legs & Shoulders. And don’t forget to do a 5 – 10 minute cardio warm up before training to get your heart pumping and increase the flexibility in your muscles.

Rest is an important part of your workout (yay!). Your muscles need about 48 hours to fully recover so try not to work the same muscles twice before then.  In other words don’t work over and over in the same muscle for few days. (That is why in the common program you can notice that you change muscles groups every day).

Take a 30 second rest between each set and 60 second between each exercise.

Remember that your movements should be controlled and steady. Focus on the movements while you’re working out , if your brain is wandering, your form is too. And work out your larger muscles before your smaller muscles. The larger muscles are easier to build than the smaller one; they are more superficial and the exercises are more likely to do. Besides it the largest helps the smaller to have a better increase. But if do you do on the other way? Just think with me: how can you build a muscle that don’t have “power” and don’t have any assistant too? It’s a little bit worst, but I’m not saying that is impossible. Just reading a little bit more about muscles we’ll realize that the muscles works in a team.

If you feel pain while you’re working out, stop and ask for help to understand what you are doing wrong or to know if it came from your own body because of something anatomic (Maybe if you did the way I said to visit an orthopedist first and did the other things, it won’t happen to you).

  • Make sure you’re eating protein so your muscles have the building blocks they need to get stronger.  Don’t forget: Drink lots of water while you’re strength training . Your muscles need it to recover. And the most important thing to do, after whatever exercise, is don’t forget to stretch your body.
  • And remind to change your routine every 3 months to keep your body far from adapting and stop increasing the way you want.
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