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Editing . . .

Posted May 05 2011 2:36pm

Today I had a loose plan of things that I wanted to get done.  In the end, I didn’t do a lot of them.  I’m not worried about it as I have the weekend off as well as tomorrow afternoon, so I could afford to spend my day without a schedule.


I ended up sleeping in until almost 9am which is pretty unheard of and decided to do something that has also been unheard of in my life lately.


Exercise has been so far down my list of things I want to do its crazy!  When I think of running or even walking for exercise, my head just clamps up because I know I would like to be doing something else.  My body is to tight and tense from standing at work and school and sitting awkwardly for so long on the train and the emotional stress of always being on the go doesn’t help. I’ve decided to incorporate yoga back into my life little by little.  I did this DVD on my lunch break and also again this morning.  IMG_0185

This simple workout was very tough for me but I don’t want to focus on how far I have let myself go.  I do know that it felt awesome and I hope to continue.


After tidying up a bit, I started Editing.  Editing is the process of going through your things and deciding what should stay and what should go.  I did a bit in the kitchen and then moved on to my room and my book collection.


95% of my books are all centered around health and food which is a good thing.  The bad thing is I don’t really ever pick up these books again once I have read them or I just start and never finish.  I organized them all and made a list of books that I would like to read again or finish.  I also have a pile of books that I no longer want and am figuring out what I should do with them.  Maybe ill sell them for cheap or even do some kind of giveaway?  Are these of any interest to any of you? (ps- the confessions book is NOT religious at all)



A bit of honesty . . .

The month of April has been life-changing in a lot of ways.  I really am starting to get to the core of my issues and have had plenty of revelations about former beliefs and what I want my future to be and where Im going.

With that said, its not easy.  Doing this has opened up a lot of doors that aren’t always fun to go through.  Lately I have been feeling negative, fearful, guilty and insecure about a lot of things more often than not.  I’m guessing that its my mind “protecting” me from being uncomfortable so that I don’t move on. This is probably why I feel a bit disconnected from the blog and other parts of my life in general. I know the reward of going through all of this to live an authentic life is a great one but let me tell you . . . its so tempting to give up, ignore and pin your problems on something else. I don’t want to be one of those people anymore.  So please bear with me as I work through this slump.


Thinking smile


Are there some books in your collection you could live without?  What are your best tips for getting out of an emotional slump?

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