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Eco Tip: Reuse your Newspapers and Magazines

Posted Jul 15 2010 3:53pm
Newspaper vendor

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I don’t have magazine or newspaper’s paper subscriptions, when I want to subscribe something I do it online through newsletters. But from time to time, when we go to a Magazine Store, I buy one or two magazines to read at home.

I know some people that Subscribe a lot of Magazines and Newspapers, women choose feminine magazines while men prefer auto magazines like ATV Magazine which has a lot if information related to atv racing and autos in general.

Now, what most people do with the magazines and newspapers is to put them on the paper recycle bin but I do a better thing. Usually I grab the magazines I have and I take them to health clinic’s waiting rooms. My opinion is that magazines can be reused (has well as books) and we can give other people the opportunity to have a wide variety of magazines on those places.

Do you reuse the magazines you buy or do you put them in the garbage?

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