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Eating on the go? No Problem!

Posted Jul 09 2009 12:00am

Life can become full of events and eating sometimes just isn’t possible. So we hit the fast food express and get something to eat, cheese burgers, fries, pan pizza, Yuck!  That foods great if your in competition for the largest butt.  Im not! and I hope you arnt either. Instead of going through the drive through for that nasty ass burger that cant be worth any nutritional value. Try Subway. Yes, the place does have a share of bad, but if you think creative you can bring out alot of good. If your on a mass gain diet go for the foot long turkey breast, add lettuce, tomato, onions, and olives, no cheese is needed because your getting your fat from the olives, but if your on a really hardcore weight gain spree go for the cheese. Ask for whole wheat bread and you got yourself an excellent meal. If your trying to maintain your weight go for the same thing but the 6′inch instead of the foot long. Now the dressings up to you. I say pick a low calorie dressing if your getting the foot long because your already pushing a good amount of calories. “sweet onion, or mustard maybe” If you got the 6′inch it doesn’t really matter. Just no damn mayo!

Eat with peace at mind while traveling.


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