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Eating Healthy is NOT Expensive! + App Video Winner

Posted Sep 02 2012 4:18am

photo courtesy of augusta erin

Hey POPsters!!!

We’re off to a splendid Sweaty September! I hope you did your 1 hr of cardio today along with your workout command! It’s best to do the command right when you wake up. Takes just a couple minutes and it revs you up for the rest of the day!

If you have not received the password for the Sweaty September Workout Calendar yet, make sure you have checked your spam folder and your activation email after signing up for the newsletter !!! If all else fails, please feel free to email me or private message a fellow POPster on facebook for the password. When we have the community, it will be easier to distribute the calendar when you login to your own Blogilates community account. I am so excited for the community to go up (it’s being made right now) because it is basically gonna be like facebook but all about you POPsters!!! No more stupid timeline. Timeline ruined everything. It’s gonna be so fabulous getting to know you on a deeper level so that when you comment on my posts too it’s not just like a faceless sea of text, it’ll be personable and wayyyyy more connected! Ahh!!! I think you will love. The blog and community will get a little facelift too. So prepare for some change. I know. It will be hard for me too. But all of the better!!!

Okay anyway…

Let’s talk about eating healthy and saving money.

I hear a lot of jibber jabber on how eating healthy is expensive. UMM NO!!! Eating junk food is expensive. $3.50 for a bag of Doritos that won’t even keep you full? Please. I can do so much with $3.50.

Let me show you what a typical Blogilates shopping cart looks like on a Sunday afternoon supermarket sesh and how it can last me the whole week. These are Trader Joes prices-ish (I’m doing this off the top of my head):

Cassey’s typical grocery haul

  • bag of pre-washed baby spinach $1.99
  • a few crowns of broccoli $2
  • 24 oz bag of baby carrots $1.49
  • can of garbanzo beans to make hummus (for baby carrots) $1.00
  • 1 dozen eggs $1.49
  • 16 oz package of sweet cherry tomatoes $1.99
  • bag of frozen chicken breasts (about 6-7) $7.00
  • 32 oz tub of plain nonfat greek yogurt $4.99
  • carton of unsweetened almond milk  $1.99
  • frozen edamame bag $1.99
  • bananas 19c each x5 $1.00
  • a few sweet potatoes $2.00
  • TOTAL: $28.93

I usually already have dried oats and quinoa at home. But if you don’t oats are super cheap, like $2-$3 for a huge tub that’ll last me MONTHS at a time and quinoa is around $3.99/lb. I also always have raw unsalted almonds at home too and at Costco it’s like $10 for a hugggeeee bag that lasts me the whole month or more.

Also, based on the season, I may buy more berries or squash or whatever that’s on sale.

So yea is under $30 for a whole week expensive? I think NOT!!!! Divide that my 7 days and it’s $4.28 a day! I mean, a meal at McDonalds or Burger King is over $5 nowadays and won’t even keep you full. It’ll just make your sluggish and bloated. Eew.

Yup! So eating healthy is soooooooo not expensive. I am smart with my money when it comes to spending and even smarter with picking my foods when it comes to nourishing my body.

Also, you’ll notice that a lot of the things (nearly all) on my list require cooking. But nothing that an electronic steamer can’t take care of or some simple sauteeing and boiling. Also, I find cooking to be super therapeutic so it’s like you’re buying ingredients for a hobby or for playtime. I love experimenting in the kitchen and finding new ways to tantalize my tastebuds.

Oh and I forgot. If you don’t have Sriracha add $1.99 to that list. Big bottle will last be about 6 months :)

So tell me, what does your weekly shopping cart look like? Is it similar to mine? Or are there other foods you think I should try?


And the random winner of the app video contest is….

Yay vashappeninlouis! You get either a Train Insane or Train Like a Beauty top! I left a comment on your channel. Please email me to pick size and color! Congrats!

You guys can see available colors and styles on ! Remember, if you order now, it will not be shipped until September 8th!

Okay, that is all for now guys!

Have a fab Sunday and EXTRA day off on Monday!

<3 Cassey

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