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Eatin' Clean, Gettin' Lean.....You Know What I Mean?! :)

Posted Mar 30 2012 12:00am
So I am officially 2 weeks into my training for Tough Mudder, the actual event is August 19th, 2012 which will mean I will have a solid 5 months of strength training behind me before race day! 
Ya! Push Pump Progress!!

Part of my training for Tough Mudder has also involved me cutting down on my long distance running which, next to changing my diet has been the most difficult thing for me to do, but its a passion that I can't fight, so I still sneak in runs a couple of days a week...Shhhhh don't tell anyone.

The main reason I am not allowed to run is because we are trying to lower my cortisol levels, and running actually elevates them. Karl King wrote: "If you want to be thin and unhealthy, run lots and lots and lots of slow miles so that your body fills up with cortisol, eating away fat and muscle." That's a scary thought! Do not fret if you are an avid runner because there are ways to run and not raise your cortisol levels to the point of it having negative effects on your body check out this article Are You Losing Muscle Because of Cortisol? .

This article outlines 6 ways to Control Your Cortisol:
1. Keep Your Weight Training Workouts Less Than 1 Hour
2. Limit Your Cardio
3. Nutrition
4. Relax
6.Limit Caffeine Intake

So, although I still plan on running it will not be as often as before! The good news is that my caveman diet is getting easier to follow as I have been experimenting with some different recipes. Last nights dinner was Mediterranean Chicken and for a snack later on Kale Chips!

cook your chicken then add veggies! I like adding lots of hot spices!

put all of these yummy ingredients in a bowl, add olive oil & balsamic and toss!

Mediterranean Chicken Salad! Yummy

Kale Chips
You can find both of these yummy recipes on my Palaeolithic Diet Recipes Page .


Have you ever had to adapt your workouts to better suit your training needs?

If you were told to stop running could you do it? or would you cheat like me!?
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