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Eat what your body tells you part2

Posted Jun 08 2010 2:53pm

Yesterday I explained how I concluded in a certain type of nutrition, that makes me feel comfortable, have a clear mind and actually reduced my fat percentage to ideal levels. The second thing I discovered after a lot of experiments, was the right time to eat in order to obtain maximum levels of energy and never be hungry.

At the beginning I did what we learned in university, 5 meals, 3 basic and 2 snacks but it didn't work for me. I was feeling tired and I was fed up from the fact that I had to think about food all day. So I tried 3 meals. That was worst because the big portions made me really sluggish.

So I decided to eat only when I feel hungry, and after 2 weeks I found my internal rhythm: a big fruit breakfast, starch with salad for lunch and protein with salad for dinner.

Yes I know it seems outrageous to some people but this is what suits me the best. When I wake up I me really hungry and my sugar levels are very low, so I need a quick refill, fruits! Around noon I m hungry again, so I have a big salad with some buckwheat pancakes or roasted potatoes. In the evening I prefer to eat lightly, a salad with a little bit of goat cheese or some fish with steamed veggies.

The fact that this works for me does not mean that is ideal for everybody. My best friend for example needs 4 meals to perform and my father eats only twice per day. Both of them have low fat percentages and athletic bodies.

So try to find your internal dietary clock and make sure you follow it without put pressure on yourself. I wish you the best!

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