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Eat More Fruits And Vegetables And Lose Weight

Posted Aug 03 2009 12:00am

A study done with a group of women who were told to eat as many fruits and vegetables as they wanted to showed positive results, not only in regard to their health, but their weight. (Most people don't, which is why we recommend Juice Plus+® ).  The results of increased fruit and vegetable consumption shows that health and weight can be a matter of just choosing the right foods, not necessarily staying within a particular portion limit or caloric limit. Here's more --

Adding Fruits & Veggies More Slimming Than Simply Cutting Fat

Sometimes more is less. Low-fat dieters who were told to eat unlimited fruits and vegetables lost 21% more weight than those who just reduced fat intake. It may sound like magic, but the fruit and veggie group actually consumed fewer calories -- even though they were eating 25% more food by weight. By relying on fruits and vegetables -- "heavy" because of water content, but "light" in terms of calories -- the dieters naturally felt fuller, and cut back on other fattening foods.

Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., author of the top-ranked Volumetrics Weight Control Plan, wanted to investigate the effects of unrestricted access to fruits and vegetables. Her team of Pennsylvania State University researchers recruited 100 obese women, telling half to limit fat, and the other half to limit fat while eating more fruits and vegetables. After one year, the produce-unlimited ladies had lost an average of 17 pounds -- vs. 14 pounds lost by the low-fat-only group.

These same researchers previously found that healthy women tend to eat about 3 lbs. of food a day. We calculated the difference between 3 lbs. of junk food vs. 3 lbs. of fruit and vegetables in our Women's Health brochure and the results give graphic definition to the term "empty calories." The same "amount" of food added up to 4,500 calories on one side of the scale -- 500 calories on the other.

Such disparities demonstrate how it's possible for the same person to be stuffed and starved -- consuming two or even three times as many calories needed while falling short on vital nutrients. By eating your fill of fruit and vegetables you'll automatically reduce calories and curb cravings. ( Source )

So go ahead, eat all the fruits and vegetables you want (and more). Your body and your health will respond well to such choices. A healthy diet and healthy weight don't have to be anymore complicated than that.

The Health & Wellness Institute, PC
Official Juice Plus+® Distributor

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