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Eat Like A Nutritionist

Posted Oct 22 2012 5:05pm

Saturday night I woke up at one am. Okay, actually that would make it Sunday. Colt never came back from the band competition and he hadn’t texted me to tell me he wasn’t coming home. Yes, he’s 21, but that’s highly unusual.

Of course, since Colt was MIA I had to check on The Lukester. As if one begets the other. I didn’t find him in his room and my heart started beating faster. I went downstairs to his Man Cave and he’d made his futon into a bed. I crept up close enough to make sure he’s breathing. Because a healthy 17 year old might just stop breathing in the middle of the night.

Yeah, I’m that mom.

Since I could no longer sleep and my stomach was rumbling I went to look for some of The Lukesters homemade brownies. Thankfully for my diet they were gone. Don’t tell him I told you but I’m pretty sure the recipe is the one from Betty Crocker made vegan.

While I took to Facebook to track Colt down, I took a peek at Pinterest. Guess I wasn’t as worried as I thought.


I’ve studied nursing, respiratory therapy, and have a degree in Psychology. I’ve worked in hospitals, retirement homes, and for the Health Department. In consulting I worked with pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, and hospitals. I’m a certified personal fitness trainer. But the statement “Eat like a nutritionist” hit…me…like…a…ton…of…bricks.

Why did it take this long? I’m not sure. But wherever you can get motivation you should take it. So this is now the background on my tablet.

He’s not too happy about being replaced.


I’ve gone back to cooking more anyway but this just fueled the fire. Two am “aha” moments are the ones that stick with me. So I’ve been cooking up a storm. For dinner we even had this LIVESTRONG turkey sausage recipe. And I only made one substitution. Highly unusual for me.


Have you ever been inspired by Pinterest?

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