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Eat Less, Lose Weight, Don't Drink, Die Anyway.

Posted Sep 08 2011 12:00am
Attractive no ?Why indeed should we make any effort at all to do exercise and to eat for nutrition ?When all of us are moving inevitably towards death ?
It is part vanity  and part fond hope the  non-believers would say. Face the truth.In the end it does not matter.Maybe they are right.
Maybe they hold a different prism where pursuit of Health is seen as optimistically paving the slick road to Death with speed-breakers of ritualistic denial and deprivation.I beg to differ.
Why do we wash,dress up and groom well when the clothes will get crumpled and the perfume will fade anyway?Is is not because we love the way it makes us feel in the interim period ?We are not thinking of the final fate of the activity at all.
Some may find that happiness in a cigarette or a box of mithai.If it makes them happy and helps them deal with stuff what indeed is the problem with it ?
I love staying in Hotels.Because they let me move away from Responsibility associated with home.But only for a night or two.After that I want to "feel at home".Somehow that sense of ease never comes by without Responsibility,without a certain amount of self-propulsion.Do you treat your Body like a Hotel Room or like your Home? Do you use and move (and pay for it) or do you own it ?
  • When I choose to exercise ,buy fresh produce or take pains to cook a nourishing meal for my family , I do it because of how it will make me feel that day.Energetic,clear- minded and free from aches,niggles and jiggles.Able to move the living room couch upstairs,unload heavy boxes from the top-most shelves and scoop up an injured preteen in my arms and give her a run around the park.
  • The urge that drives me on a day-to-day basis is  not a confident swagger that I will not get Alzheimers ,Cancer or Diabetes in my old age.With all these Bomb blasts who even knows wheher we will have an old age?
  • It is not the vanity that I will have size zero or I will be free of sags and wrinkles.Nor is it fuelled by desire to forsake things now and hence feel virtuously entitled to a happy dotage. 
  • No.What drives me is a quiet happiness that today I am choosing things that are not  addictive,things that affirm my faith in the healing and regenerative capacity of my body rather than things which make me feel that my body is a pesky and fitful creature prone to throwing tantrums ,and requiring periodic appeasement peppered with large doses of  neglect as the external situation decrees.
  • Yes Sir ! This is our new ,improved, thirty three per-cent more efficient and effective Physical and mental self.And I am the Landlord here.Till whenever I die.Whicever way.
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