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Eat Big Lift Heavy Week 5, and Yoga Injury

Posted Oct 10 2010 12:00am

This was a reeeeaaaalllly hard meal to make.  If you are looking for an extremely difficult meal of meat and vegetables, then I’ve got it here.

Ok, first you have to brown the beef.
While you are browning the beef, chop the squash and yam (about 3/4 cup each diced)
When the beef is just about done, toss in the yam and squash.
While the beef, squash and yam are cooking, chop the broccolini (about 5 pieces) and bell peppers ( 1 large or 2 mini).
When the squash and yam are about half way cooked, toss in the remaining veggies.
When the whole dish is just about done, toss in a bunch of butter to melt and a few small diced pieces of cheese to melt throughout the mix.

Now I know this one is extremely difficult, but give it a try when you have about 12-15 minutes to spare in your busy life.  I know you will enjoy the meal.  Oh, sprinkle the whole thing with some Herbs de Provence about 3/4 of the way through the cooking process.

I finished the first month of the Eat Big, Lift Heavy program and moved on to the first week of the Strong Lifts 5 x 5 program.  As I said in a previous post, I am enjoying the ease of copying the program, rather than creating my own.  The first two days went by without a hitch, but then I decided to join the H20 class (Holistic Health Option) at the hot yoga session Thursday afternoon.

I have done hot yoga a few times before and understand the whole process, however for some reason, the place was much hotter than it was last time and I was leaking like a sieve!  Half way through the practice, we were working on a lunging pose and I felt a twitch in my left leg, yet finished the practice with little issue other than the fight I had on the mat because I was sliding so much.

Turns out that twitch was my lateral fascia that could no longer take the stress of sliding on the mat (I had towels) so I now have a very annoying IT Band/Popliteaus issue that is causing some uncomfortable/inflamed/tightness in the left knee.  Having said that, I did finish my third workout of the week with no issues, yet I am still very tight by the end of the day and have been working with the roller and lacrosse ball.

After getting to 180 pounds at the end of last week, I dropped to 176 but I think that has much to do with the no desert commitment I made this month.  No deserts all week (I’m into the 3rd week now) and I dropped weight!  I am still eating a foolish amount of food, including the fat bomb smoothie that is about 1200 calories…and that’s a snack!

So, I will be increasing the food intake again, and my strength levels are rising still.

5 x 5:

Squat – 220
Bench – 170
Overhead Press – 120

1 x 5:

Dead lift – 320lbs!

On another note, Jen’s grandfather is working on a platform that I will be able to use in my squat rack for box jumps.  Basically we figured that 2 steel pipes which attach to a plank will work well for an adjustable box jump.  Instead of taking up lots of space with a bunch of boxes, I will have an adjustable platform which can be moved up and down the squat cage!

Until next time,


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